Top 5 Things To Do In Melbourne's Vibrant CBD

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We loved our time in Melbourne in 2014 where we found lots of things to do with kids. We are really looking forward to heading back next year for another visit. Longer this time. So thanks to Kate for the suggestions. 

Ok, let's be honest, there are numerous of terrific places in Melbourne that you definitely need to see. It's impossible to mention all of them in one article. But what is achievable is to introduce you to five great things, so you will experience the vibes of this tremendous metropolis.

Melbs is Australia's second largest city, which is also ranked as the world's most desirable city to live for the sixth year in a row! And no wonder, it has everything what your soul could only wish for: astonishing architecture, interesting museums, the best coffee, creative and crazy areas and delightful food. To absorb it's unique life you need to immerse yourself in one of the suburbs. In our case it's the CBD, Central Business District. The sophisticated heart of the great city with various facets, fancy rooftop bars, creative coffee shops and beautiful people.

Center Place, I need coffee!

Everyone has his or her own ritual in the morning. Mine is to have an energetic brown liquid in my big cup, coffee. And for all coffee-lovers I have great news: Melbourne is famous for the best coffee in the world! And this is doubtlessly true. It doesn't matter where you buy it, it tastes delightful. And Center Place is an ideal spot to enjoy the atmosphere, view and your energy in cup.

It's easy to find the hidden pearl, Center Place. You could just take a tram until Flinders Station and good news: the tram looping around the city is gratis for everyone. So don't miss the chance to save your legs from infinite walks. But first let's have a walk towards Center Place, which lays between Flinders Lane and Collins Street. You will discover the bohemian laneway and arcades with a vibrant mix of small cafès, tempting restaurants and cute shops. If you've ever been to Europe, you will notice the resemblance to Parisian street style, which is very charming. Don't be shy, just stroll around and choose a place, where you would like to have a morning or afternoon break.

CBD's artistic side: street art

If you hear the word CBD, you might automatically imagine business people in expensive suits running through the streets filled with chic and fancy restaurants. In Melbourne's case it's a friendly fusion of two contrasts. The city supports it's artists and provides them with public spaces, where they can express themselves. One of the city's greatest attractions is a never-ending graffiti street, Hoisin Lane. Numerous artists left their colourful masterpieces on the wall, so the visitors can enjoy a self-moderated exhibition. It's a perfect spot for a cool picture, the only struggle is to find your favourite art-work.

My tip, visit cafè-bar where you can meet locals and backpacker in the vibrant urban environment. Start a small talk with someone, enjoy your drink and the sound of the modern music. 

Visit iconic Queen Victoria Market

Beautiful Melbourne is proud of it's gigantic open air market full with multicultural diversity. It's  Australia's largest market, which offers various exotic fruits, numerous kinds of smelly cheeses, delightful seafood and the best steaks since 1878. The locals go there to buy high quality products, but if you are not in the mood to cook and you would like to savour something immediately, then it's the right place for you. Just taste your way around the food stalls, where you can also have a great breakfast by the way.

Explore Melbourne's historic landmark to find unique treasures amongst clothing, souvenirs and jewellery. The market is an epitome especially for vintage lovers and jewellery collectors. A great opportunity to update your wardrobe.

You can visit Queen Victoria Market almost every day, except Mondays and Wednesdays. During the warm summer time they organise night markets on Wednesdays, which spoils it's guests with tasty international food, live entertainment and a variety of other stalls.

Royal Botanic Garden

Are you tired of the metropolis noises and hectic people running around? You want to escape from the city jungle into the magnitude of magnificent nature? Then you will be surprised what other astonishing place Melbourne prepared for you, the Royal Botanic Garden.

Since 1846 the green wonderland impresses, with beautiful views and diverse collections of over 50.000 native and exotic plants extended on the magnitude of 36 hectares. This tranquil place provides visitors with tremendous fields, a magical oasis with lakes and majestic black swans. During the summer Royal Botanical Garden entertains it's visitors with an outdoor cinema, different events and vibrant performances.

Feel free to get lost in the natural fairytale and explore the garden's wildlife filled with cockatoos and other colourful species. You will always find something beautiful to observe. Go through the whole park and reach the breathtaking Shrine of Remembrance. It's another one of Melbourne's most recognisable monuments, built as a memorial for those who served in the Great War of 1914-1918. It's a mesmerising spot where nature meets human's creation.

What can be better than a rooftop bar?

Melbourne will spoil you for choice with it's rooftop bars and spectacular views. The metropolis is famous for it's moody weather, presenting all 4 seasons in one day, but when the temperature rises and the sun shows it's chocolate side, it's time to enjoy your drink on one of the amazing rooftops. Here are some of them.

The Carlton, it's an extravagant and atypical bar to admire. It will surprise you with it's unusual design and enormous puppet animals like an ostrich and a giraffe. The rooftop resembles a colourful hidden jungle in the heart of the city draped in bordeaux velvet. Big palm leafs will save you from the big city life and delicious drinks will help you to immerse yourself into the surrealistic world of the bar!

Father's office is a urban rooftop bar in an unexpected location, just next to the State Library of Victoria. It will charm you with it's easy-going atmosphere, incredible view and cozy design of the 1930s. During the day you can enjoy delicious food and in the evening good drinks for reasonable prices. Bring your friends and enjoy great time together!

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