The Must Have Items To Pack In Your Suitcase In Case Of Emergency

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I've been stuck in emergency situations while travelling. Planning ahead is an easy way to turn a disaster into a mere inconvenience. 

Travelling away from home can sometimes cause a real problem when it comes to packing. You have to think about what the weather’s going to be like, what sort of restaurants you may eat at, and generally just have all eventualities covered. 

However, we’re almost always advised to pack light. That means ditching some of the items that aren’t completely necessary, but that doesn’t mean items that you may well need in an emergency.

Packing items in case something drastic happens is a must, whether that be adverse weather, loss of items or even injury.

The best way to protect yourself and your trip against unforeseen mishaps is by making sure you get travel insurance as soon as you pack your items.

We take a look at the items you simply must pack in case of an emergency…

Spare Set of Keys

Most of us will always carry keys on our person. That could be buried deep in a handbag, or simply in your back pocket. At the same time, most of us will only have that set of keys with us.

So what happens, if you lose your handbag on vacation in Paris, or your keys accidentally drop out of your pocket on a rollercoaster in Florida?

Leaving a spare set of keys in your bag, and then of course hotel safe, is always a good idea if worst comes to worst you do lose your keys.

Travel Credit Card

Similar to losing your keys, there’s nothing worse than losing a purse or wallet away from home, even more so if you find yourself on the end of being mugged.

Some cities, such as Barcelona are littered with pickpockets, so as well as being vigil, having a backup card is well worth keeping in mind.

There are a number of cards out there and you can find plenty of international cards comparison sites to find the perfect one for you.

They’ll generally give you various travel rewards, so can even operate as a first choice, substituting your everyday card to backup.

A Copy of Travel Insurance Documents 

It’s so important to keep a copy of your travel insurance documents with you. We all think nothing will happen to us when on our travels, and for the most part we are correct.

But if that tiny chance should happen, having all the information you need to get in contact with your insurance company could be the difference in turning an absolute nightmare into a situation that gets resolved swiftly.

Extra Medication

If you need to take medication on a daily basis, then it’s well worth packing an emergency batch in case anything goes missing or gets damaged while you’re away.

The last thing you want is to be feeling ill away from home, while doctor’s surgeries and hospitals can be a scary place when you don’t speak the language.

Be sensible, take that little bit more medication with you. It can always join you on your flight back home.

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