Why Your Next Big Holiday Should Be In The Caribbean

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Vacationers can easily be split into two camps; those who like to be on the go across many different destinations and those who like to save up for one big blowout holiday at a time. If you are in the latter camp (or even in the former!), then we think that your next big trip should definitely be to the Caribbean. Read on to find out why.

Easy to Find a Place to Stay

There are many beautiful hotels and resorts for all budgets stretching across the different islands. Do you want a town apartment or a beach-front hotel? No matter what you are searching for, it is waiting for you. You could even sleep in a hammock on the beach with a little search for the right company.

Not your scene? Have no fear; the Caribbean also has a booming market of luxury accommodation. You can quickly and easily find a gorgeous private villa with enough room for you and your family or friends.

Festival Spirit

For all the glamour and grandeur of the Notting Hill Carnival on a much bigger scale, you should head to the Caribbean; the festivals are a spectacle which is truly not to be missed. From the steel drums playing and the dancing and bright colours, this is a sensory overload you will be happy to lose yourself in.

The Caribbean is home to a vast variety of different cultures and religions, so there are festivals for everyone. If you are interested in seeing Diwali like you have never seen it before, you should definitely be in Trinidad and Tobago when it happens.

The Food

Caribbean food is excellently seasoned and delicious for people of all palates. From plantain to jerk chicken to saltfish, there is plenty for you to dig into! Don’t be afraid to try something new; you might just find your new favourite dish and the tasty treat which leaves you dreaming of your time in the sun.

Something for the Active

There is a whole host of activities to do in the Caribbean; if you love water sports then you are in for a treat, as there is windsurfing, sailing, and so much more to be done! Why not go for a snorkel, or dive down to see some of the secret grottos hidden under the sea? In fact, you could even head over to the famous beach in the Bahamas where you can swim with pigs if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

If that is not for you, why take up horseback riding instead? There are many companies which offer you the chance to go riding on some of the islands’ most beautiful beaches. Finally, there is, of course, golf. If you like nothing more than swinging a nine iron in the sun, you will find plenty of stunning courses to work your way around as well as plenty of luxury accommodation nearby for you to rest your head in the evening.

Something for the Chilled

However, If you would rather spend your vacation lying on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, you most definitely can do that! With so many hotels commandeering their own private stretches of prime beachfront property, you can easily chill out and enjoy yourself with little worry. Look for accommodation that offers daybeds or lounge chairs and a complimentary table-side service and then load up your Kindle with all the latest books you want to read.

If you are feeling a little worn out, be sure to check out some of the Caribbean’s amazing spa resources. Nearly every resort will have some sort of spa service where you can get a scrub, a massage or something else to get you ready for the rest of your holiday.

Relax and unwind, as this is what holidays are all about.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity

Everyone deserves a week of doing whatever they want, and the Caribbean is the perfect destination to do this. This kind of holiday doesn't come around very often so make sure you make a reservation when you have the best chance! Book yourself that once-in-a-lifetime holiday, sit back, and let everything flow over you. You deserve it!

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