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Gabi & I have been following each other's blogs for awhile so it is a very teary and shocking moment for me to hear she is planning on quitting the nomadic life in the summer of 2014. Please find our heart to heart talk on what's going on and what's next for this beautiful, life-to-the-full-family. 


What made your leave your lives in Israel & become The Nomadic Family?

The kids had a fairytale sort of life, but Kobi wasn’t a part of it. He was the breadwinner in a soul-draining, back-stabbing, hi-tech job. Somewhere after mild heart attack number two but before Breakdown Number 57, we decided that there must be another way. We read some inspirational books that changed our definition of success and made us realize that there were other options out there. We thought we’d last 6 months, and well, here we are, currently in the Philippines in month 29.

You share a lot of intimate & controversial stuff on your blog. Why? Why put your whole life out there?

I do shamelessly talk about all of those topics that you would never expect to find on a travel blog. Why? Because I believe that being raw and honest and open, that I can best inspire others to live in their truth. Life isn’t easy, travel isn’t easy, parenting isn’t easy & marriage is not easy. I want to show the neurotic, raw, dusty, teary, and sweaty sides of my soul and family life on the road too, and through that sharing, bring like-minded souls closer to the story-telling campfire. We’re all so normal it's funny. 

What has your family gained from your world travels?

Besides these unreal dreams come true, the greatest gift has been the time and space to discover ourselves, as a family and as individuals. We believe in unmodern parenting and thus highly treasure un-plugged, bored kids who have to figure out how to face themselves and fill those voids with meaning. We’ve learned how to create a meaningful existence out of total freedom, which I must say is much harder than it seems. We’ve also found family healing in its fullest glory on the road. We can’t escape to the office, school, the other room, or busy work so we simply have to face it. Not being able to avoid the normal pimples and hiccups of family life, has been maddening at times, but remarkably rewarding. We have become such a close, bonded unit of five souls who know, without a doubt, that this is our greatest gift from world travel.


So where have you been?

USA- 2 ½ months | Costa Rica- 1/ 12 months | Panama- 3 ½ months | Colombia- 1 ½ months | Ecuador- 2 ½ months | Peru- 3 ½ months | Thailand- 1 month | Cambodia- 8 months | Vietnam- 1 month | Malaysia- 3 ½ months 

And what's next, before the end?

Philippines- we’ll be here until mid-August = 2 ½ months

Malaysia- 2 weeks for visas, passports, and other errands before Nepal

Nepal- 2- 2 ½ months, Annapurna Circuit Hike and Volunteer Mission

India- 8 months, Kids attend Waldorf school in Goa

Israel- ????? – Welcome Home! (breathe, Gabi, breathe)

You clearly love travelling, why stop?

Kobi and I would do this forever, but our kids have different dreams. Though they love traveling, make great friends everywhere we go and still gush over the coolest things they’ve seen and done, they want a normal childhood. They dream of going to school, birthday parties, and hanging out with their cousins and grandparents. And because we deeply value those relationships and realize that all five of us need to lead fulfilling lives, we’re hanging up our backpacks next summer.

What would you say to a family who wants to travel?

Save, save, save. Easier said than done, I know. But, we both took second jobs, cut expenses to a bare minimum, and found creative solutions to get our finances in line. We got out of debt and then started shoving every shekel (Israeli dollar) we could into savings.


While we are here in your home town, where should we go that most don't know about?

My answer to your question is Nimrod's Fortress. It is one of the most magical and unknown spots in Israel. It is unreal. You can see photos of it in The Holy Land: Our Favorite Family Things To Do

good_shot_the_nomadic_family.jpgA very normal family of five making our dreams come true by meandering the globe, spending huge chunks of quality time with our kids, and discovering our spiritual selves. We love this insanity, all this time, this unreal freedom. We find creative ways to fund our adventures, and can't imagine it any other way.

Check out their blog & facebook page. 

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Erin love, thank you for sharing our story with the world. We adore you, and your family, your spirit and kindness is have always blown me away. thank you friend. and i wish you'd have the chance to see nimrod's palace. it is unreal. gabi

Gabi (The Nomadic Family) Jul 11th, 2013

What great read very interesting

Karin Jul 16th, 2013

I totally get it, you need to stop some time. I have no idea when we'll stop, maybe next year, maybe when we run out of money, maybe never ( although my kids hate the idea of school!) . Thanks for sharing it as it is, you've been doing this a lot longer than me and I'm already getting into trouble for being honest.Thanks for having balls Gabi!

Alyson Jul 16th, 2013

Wonderful! Lovely that the parents are sensitive to the children's desires and dreams too! Great stuff!

Rhiannon Jul 16th, 2013

Great interview, Erin. Wow, big news. Yes after a while kids want a base, don't they. Gabi, you and Kobi have always seemed like warm and wonderful parents, but adjusting the dream on behalf of the kids proves it. Hugs & best wishes to you all! I have no doubt you'll continue to have adventures no matter where you are. :-)

Renee (RambleCrunch) Oct 2nd, 2013

HA! Not such big news. I just noticed the post date. Still, good luck to all! :-)

Renee (RambleCrunch) Oct 2nd, 2013

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