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Being back in Australia as travellers instead of residents makes us realise how much there is too see. This island seems to be a beautiful addition to our must see lists. 

Norfolk Island is only a short flight from Australia or from New Zealand. You will be able to experience a peaceful subtropical air in this natural environment. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is a beautiful spot to learn about the history of a charming bygone era. 


At, you can plan your visit and learn about the history of the area. You can learn more about this tranquil environment when you visit some of the historical landmarks. Learning about the culture and lifestyle of this area will help you experience the magic of Norfolk.

You may want to check out some of the gardens in the area. For instance, you can visit the exquisite Queen Victoria’s Garden, Music Valley, A Walk in the Wild and Camelot. At Queen Victoria’s Garden located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue, you will see a marble bust of Queen Victoria displayed in the middle of a beautiful green and white gazebo. The bust acknowledges the role that Queen Elizabeth played in the history of the community of Norfolk Island. Queen Victoria became a large part of Norfolk’s history when mutiny happened on the HMAV Bounty. After the mutiny, Fletcher Christian along with his crew went back to Tahiti to sail again. They took six Tahitian men and 12 Tahitian women with them. They found a secluded hiding place at Pitcairn Island. This place became a refuge and safe place for them to begin a new life. As the years went by, the Pitcairn community grew larger, but they soon realized that they could not continue living on this small isle. Therefore, they petitioned Queen Victoria to help them find a new home. The new location that was suggested was Norfolk Island and thus some of the Pitcairn Islanders departed to make a new home on Norfolk Island.

You can visit the historic Pitcairn Settlers Villagefor an opportunity to discover the past. Norfolk heritage is seen in the woodwork, weaving, quilting and paintings in this village. Many natural materials are used to create these items. For instance, banana bark and corn husk are two fibers that can be used to weave and plait beautiful woven hats or baskets. At Pitcairn Settlers village, you can watch a weaving demonstration to see if you can create a beautiful piece of history.

With a blue sky above you, Norfolk is the place to visit for dining, fishing and other activities. It is a volcanic island that offers you ample opportunities to catch that perfect fish or to dine at a fabulous restaurant. You can try some gourmet pizzas at Stefanos Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria or some more Italian cuisine at Dino’s. After catching your share of Kingfish, Grouper, Snapper, Trevally or Rock Cod, you can relax with some wine from the Two Chimneys Winery. 

Another thing that makes Norfolk Island the right choice for those looking for a relaxing, magnificent holiday is luxurious accommodation you can find there. Many resorts are near the beautiful Emily Bay, Slaughter Bay and Anson Bay beaches. Some accommodation packages may include secluded and spacious apartments to relax in after a day of exploring. These packages can offer apartments that are surrounded by exquisite landscaped gardens. These accommodations can enhance your stay since they are tailored to suit your taste and needs and you can find premium options that offer you a personalized island experience. With the perfect place to relax, you can get rejuvenated for the next day activities.


For sports fans Norfolk Island offers a wide selection of sports fields. There are a lot of packages for tourists which include the possibility of sporting activities like an “Ultimate Golf Getaway” for golf lovers which you can buy at Tin Sheds - Norfolk Island company.

When you visit the island, you can enjoy the warmth of the island hospitality. The island is a magical place of beautiful colors and harmony. It is a delightful chance to experience history in a unique atmosphere.

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