What you Need to Organize a Trip in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. It is jungle packed with ancient ruins, culture, history, and elephants. The country is a place to savour and explore, so what should you expect when you visit?

Before you jump on a plane to Colombo, the first thing you should do is organize your visa. This is simple and straightforward as you can take advantage of the Sri Lanka ETA for US Citizens visa. This enables you to apply for your visa electronically.

After applying and your application is accepted, you are all set to visit. You now have up to 30 glorious days to explore the country. Your visa will arrive by email.

Travel Takes Time

One thing you’ll notice about Sri Lanka is that it takes time to get from A to B. Roads tend to be narrow and can be blocked by all manner of animals. Expect a journey that takes half an hour to take at least an hour. Take the time to savour what is around you to pass the time.

As such, plan longer journey times for traveling.

Pay Attention to your Attire

The main religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism, and the country’s culture is quite modest. As such, when visiting temples or walking around it is a good idea to keep shoulders covered and wear pants rather than shorts.

Tourists that have been shirtless or in a bikini have been told to cover up by the cops.

Take Monsoon Season Into Account

The monsoon season is not as severe as it is in other Asian countries. It can rain pretty hard some nights, but the sun will be back shining and glorious the next day. Technically there are two monsoon seasons in the country. December to March and June to October.

The peak season in Sri Lanka is November to January. Here cities are crowded as tourists from all over the world descend on the country.

Expect a Relaxing Vacation

Outside of Colombo, the country is quite sedate. This is one of the reasons people come here for yoga and spa retreats. The bars tend to be quiet rather than pumping, and the club scene is often non-existent. The country is more a few beers rather than a few shots.

Bring Sunscreen

For some reason, sunscreen is hard to find in Sri Lanka and finding it locally is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. When you do find it tends to be expensive and reef-safe sunscreen is extremely rare.

Tampons are also hard to get your hands on so bring those too.

Pace your Journey

Given how difficult it can be to get around the country, it is a good idea not to be too ambitious and pack a load of things into your itinerary. In many respects, it is a good idea to take each day as it comes and see your must-see places first. 

Sri Lanka is a fantastic country and has bounced back from its recent troubles fast. Now is an excellent time to see it before it becomes another tourist hotspot.

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