Paris Walking Tours from Localers – Explore the City Your Own Way, One Facet at a Time

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Paris has to be one of the world's most famous cities, so you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want to see and do when you get there... or do you? It's amazing how much culture and beauty you can miss by simply driving from one attraction to the next. These walking tours will make sure you see the real Paris and experience all the spectacular city has to offer. 

Paris is a spectacular city to discover, whatever means of transport you choose, but the most spectacular way, the way that will let you really feel its atmosphere, see its beauty and explore its extraordinary, rich history and its million faces is on foot. Walking on the wide boulevards and avenues, with occasional detours on the little streets lined with cafes and pastry shops, following itineraries that include the iconic buildings and attractions that make Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world might be a bit tiring, but in a happy and thrilling way. 

However, the City of Love is not only breathtakingly beautiful – it is also huge, with so many places to explore that without a thorough plan and help from experts you can easily get lost. This is when the Paris walking tours on come into the picture – the wide and varied range of walking tours offered by Localers are guided by local experts who are not only passionate about the city, but also know every building, every street and every stone that you might find exciting and are also great fun to follow and to listen to, so if you want to see what Paris is really like, they are the best help.

What Makes the Walking Tours Offered by Localers so Special

A walking tour in Paris with Localers is so much more than just walking around the city and marveling at its beauty. While wandering around, taking your time to savor a cup of delicious pastry and a cup of strong, flavorful coffee like only Parisians can make might be a great way to explore the city, the thematic tours offered by Localers are perfectly designed for a more focused experienced that matches your specific interests and preferences:

  • The tour for first timers will take you to the most important attractions to give you an idea of what you want to see when you come back;
  • The family tour combines activities that keep the little ones entertained with a cultural experience for the adults;
  • Offbeat tours will take you treasure hunting in antiquity shops, stopping by historic monuments;
  • The photo shoot tour will give you your own, personal photographer who will take professional pics of you with the most iconic sites of Paris in the background;
  • The museum tour will save you time, giving you instant entry to the Louvre and to other important museum and will also make your trip educative and entertaining in the company of expert tour guides;
  • The wide range of new, thematic tours gives you the opportunity to see Paris from the angle that interests you most – you can take a personalized tour on the Seine, enjoy the city’s street art scene on Montmartre, descend to the city’s darkest catacombs or take a journey back in time to World War I and II. 

One of the most exciting offerings of Localers and the tour that allows you to sample the exquisite food culture of Paris as well as the unique on life that only Parisians have is their range of Food and Wine tours – you can learn how to bake macarons from the best pastry chefs, you can go on a gourmet tour and find out what makes French cuisine so special or you can take an artisan food tour on the banks of Canal Saint Martin. These tours are our personal favorites – they are not only opportunities to enjoy unique flavors, it is also a cultural journey and an experience that takes you to a world apart, a world where both eating and the preparation of food are taken to the level of art.

Custom Tours – Paris Attractions Tailored to What Interests You

Paris is the capital of fashion, it is world-famous for its cuisine, its museums are seconds to none, its history goes back to over two thousand years and its modern buzz makes it truly unique. While you would need years to explore all the riches and all the important sites of Paris, you can have a sample of it all or you can focus on one specific field with a customized walking tour. At Localers, you can have your own one-of-a-kind tour designed for you – whether you are interested in shopping, fashion, culinary delights, museums, live art, history, architecture, you can participate in customized tours guided by experts in the specific field that you are interested in.

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