Orange County, California - The Perfect Spot for Bacon Roses and Other Intriguing Treats

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Buying gifts for most ladies is easy, they like and dream of having so many things, from jewelry, cosmetics and clothes to fashion accessories and kitchenware – for them, a box of fine chocolate bonbons, accompanied with a bouquet of roses is always a winning choice. However, picking the right gift is much more difficult when it comes to gentlemen and for ladies who have it all, especially for persons who prefer to buy their own clothes, accessories and kitchenware and who don’t enjoy bonbons. Fortunately, Orange County is the perfect spot when it comes to special gifts for him or for her – it is not only an area where the weather is perfect, entertainment is plentiful, and fun is at its very best, it is also a place where creativity and great tastes meet the finest craftsmanship in the field of edible gifts. A great example are the Bacon Roses dipped in Dark Chocolate offered by The Manly Man Company® here and also available with non-manly branding through their sister company Awesome Gift Co.™ here. Checkout their website to see their full line of "flowers" for men.

Why Bacon and Beef Roses Are So Special

The idea behind the treat is simply ingenious: why not combine the best of three worlds? The world of delightfully chocolaty treats, the world of robust, meaty and spicy treats and the world of elegant, creative now meet in the form of bacon roses, a set of a dozen stemless roses shaped from the best bacon, candied in maple syrup and spices and dipped into the finest dark chocolate. The treats are offered in an elegant box, with the wonderful, rich flavor locked into sealed bags with oxygen absorbers.

Orange County also offers roses made from other delightful and unusual ingredients, such as slices of beef jerky; what’s more, you can even find whole bouquets made from the spicy slices that resemble real roses and have tasty, spicy stems made from a special mix of beef, pork and spices.

Other Surprising and Delicious Manly Gifts available in Orange County

Orange County companies such as The Manly Man Company have been experimenting with other combinations that include beef and bacon and they have come up with other great treats, too, such as their whiskey-flavored beef jerky or a delightful combination of beef jerky, rum and matching spices, including coconut and lime or their various beer snacks. If you can’t make up your mind, you can even put together personalized gift boxes with intriguing treats, selecting the items that would most delight the receiver.

Gifts for Ladies and Gentlemen, for Any Occasion

Whether the gift is for Mom or Dad, for a spouse, a friend or for a relative, for a co-worker or for a boss, for an anniversary, a birthday, a housewarming, graduation, promotion or for any other special occasion, in Orange County, you can find the perfect sets of flavorful, beautifully wrapped, and unusual presents, the perfect gift for anyone who is hard to surprise.

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