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Josh and I really enjoyed our time in Guatemala and you know how much we adore Instagram so thanks to Paul for this article. 

Here are some useful tips and guide should you be planning to stay in Guatemala City. While in the city consider a stay at a luxurious Guatemala Resorts or feel free to go budget at a Bed & Breakfast.

Of course when visiting any foreign country or vacationing abroad common sense should always prevail to ensure that you have a safe and fun time in the country and city of your holiday destination.

Travelling to Guatemala City

Guatemala City is serviced by La Aurora International Airport and after being modernised in 2007-2008 is the fourth busiest airport in Central America, the airport itself consists of two terminals, central and north. The airport is a mere 4 miles from the heart of Guatemala City and there are numerous buses and taxis available to your destination should you have not already arranged transport. If you are taking the bus, be aware of what you are being charged and see what other people are paying as it has been known that drivers sometimes add a ‘little extra’ on for tourists.

Guatemala City

Once in Guatemala City there are many places to see and do, among these are several museums including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, also within the city that is steeped with Mayan culture is the Parque Central which is again in the heart of the city and a great starting point for exploration.

Outside Guatemala City

No trip would be complete without a visit to the Mayan temples offering some amazing photograph opportunities, another beauty spot is Lake Atitlan and you can get there by one of Guatemala’s colourful chicken buses at the cost of around US$5. However if you want to upscale to a taxi it is in the region of around $10. (Make sure you know the cost of the taxi before you set off.)

Always be aware of your belongings when travelling to Guatemala, as with any major city pickpockets are a problem and making sure that you keep your money safely on your person as opposed to in a handbag or rucksack. Overall Guatemala City is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Central America and certainly a city with plenty of sights and things to do.

Once you have made the decision to visit you'll be looking for a place to stay. And if you are anything like me it will be a place where you can take as many photos as possible. Pictures of every single meal in the restaurant, your cocktails in the bar or your amazing bedroom.

Recently I came across this infographic on how to photograph an all-inclusive resort:

So enjoy your holiday to Guatemala. And I look forward to seeing the pictures on Instagram. Make sure to include hashtags when you share.

Paul Robinson is a poker player, foodie and loves to travel. His motto is “Don’t let life get you down or otherwise you will never get out alive.” He believes that for food to be great it needs to be served with excellent customer service.

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