4 Must-Visit Places in Los Angeles

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In this fast-paced world, many work long hours to provide for themselves and their families. 

Taking well-earned and relaxing breaks often becomes essential amidst this struggle. If you’re planning a vacation to the United States, an essential city to visit is Los Angeles.

While LA is known for its casinos, night life, and the famous Hollywood sign, there are many places you can visit to make your vacation worthwhile. Here is a list of four places you must go to to experience the city wholly.

1. Universal Studios

Whether it’s a family vacation or a well-earned solo trip, Universal Studios is a place that has something to offer to everyone. The Universal Studios Theme Park is home to magnificent rides based on your favorite Hollywood blockbuster movies. These range from simulators to roller coasters and provide an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. You can also tour sets from famous movies and TV shows and see where all the action took place.

2. Warner Bros. Studio

For all movie fanatics, a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles is a dream come true for all movie fanatics. WB Studios gives visiting guests a glimpse of how magical Hollywood movies come to life. The tour allows visitors to witness how a movie is created from script to screen. Guests can visit the writer’s room and view iconic sets and soundstages to understand how the overall production takes place. It's best to find housing near Warner Brothers to get the most out of your LA trip.

3. Hollywood

Since Los Angeles is home to the TV and movie industry, the trip would only be complete with visiting Hollywood. Hollywood is a suburb of Los Angeles with iconic sites and rich history associated with the film industry. The hillside Hollywood sign, Chinese Theatre, and Hollywood Boulevard are all attractions you can visit while in Hollywood. You can even find the stars of all your favorite actors on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

4. Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory

If you want to take a break from the TV and movie world in Los Angeles, visiting Griffith Park and Observatory is just the right option. Griffith Park is the largest park in Los Angeles and is home to the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Observatory, a planetarium, and a greek theater. In the Griffith Observatory, you can use the Zeiss Telescope for free in the evenings to view the moon and the planets. Apart from these attractions, you can also use the tennis courts, golf courses, and hiking trails for a fun day with your family.


Los Angeles is a state that is home to many attractions that you can visit on your vacation. You can go on thrilling rides and visit iconic movie sets at Universal Studios. At WB studios, you can visit the writer’s rooms and the sets of famous TV shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory. In Hollywood, you can walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame alone or with your family and find the stars of famous actors. If you’re tired of the movie action, you can visit Griffith Park and Observatory, where you can visit the Los Angeles Zoo during the day and view the moon and planets in the night sky at Griffith Observatory. A pro-tip for visiting these places is finding accommodation near these spots to save on transportation costs and get easy access.

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