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As if I didn't want to go to Mauritius already, now Andrew has tempted me even more. Maybe 2014 will be the year?

There are places that have become favorites among constant travelers. Destinations that feature tropical sunny weather, stunning beaches and breathtaking attractions are most likely the top choices for people looking for holidays under the sun. These traits seem to best describe islands such as Mauritius. Situated in the Indian ocean, this island nation known to have been the only home of the extinct Dodo bird, has become a go-to place of holidaygoers who want to experience an amazing vacation.

The island of Mauritius has plenty of destinations to offer travelers, being one of the world's top luxury tourism destinations. Some of the best places that can be found in this island nation will be discussed in this short article. This can serve as guide especially to first-time travelers in Mauritius with an eye for those of us with families and kids in tow. Feel free to check out some of the must-see places in this beautiful island destination.

Blue Bay Beach

People looking forward to swimming in clear warm sea waters of the Indian Ocean will surely find Blue Bay ideal. Situated in the east coast of the island, the Blue Bay has an attractive beach that is open to the public. The beach is perfect for vacationers who want to spend hours swimming and relaxing under the warm summer sun. What makes this beach perfect for travelers who want to spend a peaceful time off is its low profile among other vacationers. Hence, you will find that the beach is not too crowded most especially during weekdays. Its tranquil setting is ideal for anyone who wants a laid back type of holiday. The blue water and its reputation of offering one of the best snorkelling trips available make Blue Bay a must-visit.


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens (SSR Botanical Gardens)

This popular travel attraction located in Pamplemousses is known as the southern hemisphere's oldest botanical garden. Travelers fascinated with plant life, and even those who aren't very much into botany, will find that this is one of the best places to learn about various plants, flowers and trees. What can be considered as the main attractions in this popular tourist attraction are the giant water lilies. This is simply a can't miss for any traveler visiting the famous SSR Botanical Gardens.

Pieter Both

For adventure lovers and trekkers, this second highest mountain in Maritius is definitely worth a visit. Named after Pieter Both, this mountain is popular among adventure seekers and tourists because of its top that resembles a human head. This gigantic rock formation is without a doubt a favorite among nature lovers. The climb roughly takes an hour, depending on one's stamina, and is not too difficult which makes it ideal even for rookie trekkers and mountain climbers.


Black River Gorges

This national park in Mauritius is also a must-see for families looking for a great place to relax and enjoy a good time. Vacationers who fancy the flora and fauna will definitely have an exciting time in this beautiful park. Bird watchers, or even the casual travelers, can get to see rare species of birds that will surely make their getaway memorable and truly one of a kind. Some of the bird species that one can see here include the pink pigeon and parakeets. One can also see the rare Mauritian flying fox here if you get to be lucky.

The following places listed above are just some of the attractions that one should see when visiting Mauritius. Make sure that you visit at least some of these places and take a moment to appreciate its beauty and wonder. Travel to Mauritius now and enjoy another exciting holiday with your loved ones!

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