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At first I was a little apprehensive about travelling in a camper with children, but after we tried for the first time it was a resounding success. Here's a few more tips to help you on your next camper trip.

Your family tradition is something that your children will talk about for the rest of their lives. It’s a valued pastime that they carry with them when they get married and have children of their own.

Whether it’s a family trip, an annual event, or a simple custom, the experience is memorable to each member of the household. For those clans who venture into nature for a camping expedition, the yearly journey seems to hold more significance. But, popup campers endure plenty of stress over the dozens of trips through mountains, woods, and damp environments. The trick is to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure a fun, safe family getaway.

On the Road Again

More than 40 million Americans camp every year. That’s nearly 15 percent of the population. Perhaps it’s because of teamwork that’s required to temporarily live without everyday comforts. Or it could be the time spent bonding without digital distractions. Even the shared experience of watching a unique natural phenomenon take place could be credited.

No matter what the reason is, families all over the country grow closer every year through camping. What most people don’t know is that by traveling smartly, you can actually preserve your trailer. And, with so many avid outdoorsmen and women, there are plenty of travel tips to pass around.

Full Coverage

The first step to enjoying your travel trailer is preserving your travel trailer. It’s a little tough to hit the open road when your camper is falling apart. Rust, surface damage, and leaks are all potential threats to your camper.

The best way to combat these risks is with a popup camper cover. Finding a form-fitting, durable cover should be priority number one for camper conservation. From hot, dry climates to wet, cold ones, fighting off the elements is no problem with the proper protection. Years of travel trailer family fun starts with this simple process.

Roadmap to Success

Maintaining an organized cabin is the best way to keep your camper in excellent shape. There’s no better example of this than with cooking. Food preparation, loose ingredients, and sloppy storage are all potentially problem areas. It’s best to plan out your meals before leaving on your trip. With a properly prepared schedule, you’re able to stock exactly the items you need. This allows for a cleaner and more efficient trip. It will also eliminate the potential mess that cooking on the fly creates.

Organization doesn’t just pertain to perishable items though. It’s also a good idea to use drawer sets, bins, and trunks to store clothing and more. Neatly assembling all your essentials in to one area will cause less stress on both you and your camper. From entertainment to outdoor supplies and toiletries, the strategy can be applied to all areas. It’s best to select one easily reachable location for your most heavily used items. Placing less pressure on your camper’s hardware equals a longer lifespan.

Maintenance Is Key

You don’t have to be a mechanical expert to get the most out of your popup camper, but you do have to give your trailer the attention it needs. Routinely inspecting the battery, tires, and breaks is a must.

By setting aside a few hours every month to examine your camper’s vitals, you can ensure both safety and longevity. A more thorough inspection should be preformed before any road trips.

Winterizing your camper is also recommended. Disconnect the battery, flush the water system, and relax over the cold months knowing that your popup will be in great shape when spring rolls around. Lubricate the bed slides, coupler, and hitch when nice weather arrives and you’re ready for the next year in nature.

The Next Adventure

Storing your recreational vehicle in the weeds, next to a woodpile, or in extreme conditions should also be avoided. During the periods when you aren’t using your camper, it should be kept in a dry, level area. This will keep mold from growing and fluids from wreaking havoc.

Along with our other suggested tips, this advice will allow you to enjoy your camper for years to come. Nothing is better than spending a little family time together in a unique environment. Extend your opportunity as far as possible with proper camper maintenance.

Being American, Cher is an avid traveler and enjoys the camping like any other fellow American traveler. He only says one thing that camping gives you an opportunity to spend a little family time together in a unique environment. 

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