How to Prepare for Safari Travel

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Traveling to Africa on a safari is something that everyone can afford these days. It is no longer the privilege of the rich and titled, and more and more people take advantage of packages prepared by travel agencies.

However, before you start packing your luggage, you should make sure that you know what kind of adventure you embark on. Africa is still the most untamed continent, with long stretches of wilderness and with extreme temperature.

Before you leave, you should learn how to prepare for the Tanzania safari holiday tour with Altezza Travel. For an overview, you can read these short guidelines to find out more about how to make your African safari travel a safe and excitement-filled adventure.

What You Need to Do Before You Leave for a Safari Travel

The first thing you must do is see your doctor and find out what vaccines you must have to be safe during your trip to Africa. This must be your first rule for any kind of travel to exotic countries.

Next, you should consider the fact that you won’t be able to buy many of the basic necessities along your safari journey. Thus:

1. Pack Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

You will snap your camera at almost anything in Africa. Everything you see is new and exciting and you want to keep a memory of it. Thus, you will soon find that your memory card is full. And you can’t count on finding a photography store to buy more batteries for your camera and memory cards for more photos.

2. Sunscreen and Insect Repellents Are Must Have Accessories

Africa is hot and sunny. And it is also rich in insect species. From flies to mosquitoes, you will find yourself the target of dozens of insects. Without protection, you will soon find your skin sunburned and full of mosquito bites. To avoid this, make sure you apply sunscreen and insect repellant abundantly, even several times during the day.

3. Pack Protective Clothes and Good Walking Shoes

Many people tend to inaugurate a new pair of shoes during a holiday. However, this is a huge mistake if your vacation is an African safari travel. You will walk a lot, and new shoes will cause you blisters before you get used to them.

Instead, bring the most comfortable pair of shoes and protective clothes: caps, long sleeve shirts, long trousers and socks going above your ankle.

4. Bring Probiotics with You

When you travel to a country with a cuisine totally different from yours, you should protect your digestive system with probiotic pills. They will help your digestive bacteria adapt to the new food. Otherwise, you will miss out on most of your safari travel due to traveler’s diarrhea.

5. Obey the Guide’s Advice at All Times

Last but not least, understand that a safari is not a regular holiday. You can’t go where you want and do what you want unsupervised. Safari guides will give you a list of do’s and dont’s – and you should obey it. It is for your own good – the African savannah is roaming with large carnivorous animals that may seriously injure you.

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