Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Booking A Private Jet

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Every individual on Earth has a penchant for luxurious living. Flying off to one’s dream destination in grandeur and checking in to palatial hotels only add on to the extravagance of our itinerary and enhance the quality of our vacation. And though, spending magnanimous amounts of money on a holiday does not necessarily decide on your fun quotient, it does ensure that you have access to the best of services on your trip.

Speaking of extravagant travelling, in this article, we shall be talking about renting a private jet for your vacation. Some of you might have considered flying to your desired destination in a private plane, and that is a brilliant idea. However, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you make such a major decision that is very likely to cost you a bomb. Therefore, for the ease of you making the right decisions, we have answered a few questions that might keep flitting across your mind.

How Do You Get Access to Jet Rentals?

The very first question that we shall attempt to answer is the accessibility of jet rentals. For people who are considering the option of booking or renting a jet for the first time, you must understand the latent costs involved in the entire process. Private jets are costly affairs, and if you absolutely need to go through with the renting process, you must do so from trustworthy and credible sites, like Jettly. Go over to one of these websites to get a holistic insight into the costs of the renting process, the flexibility of timing and cancellation, and all the rules and regulations that you must keep in mind.

How Soon After Renting the Jet Can You Leave?

Another pertinent question that might be haunting your mind is the waiting period between the renting of the jet and using the same to take off to your destination. The waiting period usually differs with every company as policies are subjective. However, on a more general note, private jets can come to your service in as less as a two-hour notice. There might be times when you need to leave without any advance notice, and private jets can arrange for that too, if their policy allows it. You must, therefore, always read through the policies before choosing any one agency to rent your private jet from.

What Credentials Are Required for Renting A Private Jet?

The credentials that you shall require to rent a private jet are no different from the ones you need for a domestic or commercial flight. You shall need an identification proof, your passport size photographs and other documents as required by the agency and the authorities of the destination you are travelling to. You do not have to put in any added effort in getting documents that might take a long time to reach you. However, the requirements are also subjective to the country, state or city you are travelling to, and the agency through which you are renting the jet. Therefore, you might need to do some research on that part.

What Are the Cancellation Fees Involved?

Most of the companies that rent private jets are flexible with their cancellation protocols. Since an uncalled for and an unfortunate incident leading up to the cancellation cannot always be predicted, companies that rent private jets allow for a specific window where within which you shall not be charged for any cancellation. However, if you cancel your flight beyond that time frame, you must pay some fee, as decided by individual companies. For instance, if a company has a free cancellation window of 24 hours for a trip that has been booked four days before the day of travelling, and if you cancel beyond the time frame, you shall have to pay some amount as cancellation charges. Private jets are costly affairs, and the companies that provide these services need to make up for the loss of one booking by charging a cancellation fee. 

The Cost of Renting a Private Jet

As we have already mentioned a couple of times in the article, private jets are quite expensive. This is not something that you can decide to opt for one fine morning. It needs the right funds and proper planning. Private jets usually charge you on the basis of the number of people travelling in the plane, the flying hours, the destination and the nature of the flight (that is, determining whether the trip is one way or a round trip). Based on these factors, you shall be charged and that amount, you must know, is not meager. Most of the time it costs a fortune, and that is why, it is necessary to compare the different rates at which you can rent the jet from different service providers.


Renting a private jet for your vacation or a business meeting is luxurious and includes extortionate bills. You must, therefore, think carefully and plan days in advance, so that you know what you are signing up for. This shall keep you in the know and help you make better and informed decisions.

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