Quick Trip? Tips and Tricks for packing light!

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Packing is an essential part of any vacation. I've found that an ounce of preparation in getting your luggage just right will save a ton of regret later. 

Packing requires practicality: you need to plan what items to bring as well as trying to organize them strategically into a compact space. With baggage fees on flights increasing many people think you should strip down to the absolute essentials in order to hold on to some money. While carrying less in your bag certainly has its benefits, even the most seasoned travellers can agonize over their baggage and we can all get stressed and over pack. But, no matter where you are planning to go for your next trip, these top tips will help you with packing light. 

Check your luggage size and weight allowance

Don’t push your luck and try going for hand luggage that is beyond the allowed limits because you will only spend your time at the airport panicking and trying to rearrange your belongings and perhaps even leaving some items behind. When picking a suitcase, go for a medium-sized one. Choose a large suitcase and it's too tempting to fill it and end up with a case that's too heavy.

Pack ahead of time

It goes without saying that if you pack well advance of your trip you will be far less likely to hastily add things that aren’t needed. Allow yourself enough time to assess the items you are packing and this will help lighten your load. This also gives you enough leeway to thoughtfully pack instead of just throwing everything in all at once and rushing to get to the airport in time for your flight.

Write down a traveling checklist

Write down everything you need and this will help you eliminate those unnecessary items. Split your check list into essentials and luxuries as this will make sure you find space for your necessities. Create your checklist here with this online packing wizard.

Do you really need all those shoes?

Before you start chucking in several different pairs of shoes, stop and ask yourself - do you really need them? Most frequent travellers agree you only need two to three pairs of shoes. Regardless of what sort of trip you are going on you could more than likely make do with one dressy pair and a casual pair. When you know which shoes to take, place them in the suitcase first or down the side because this will maximize the space. By the way, wear your heaviest ones on the plane.

Roll things up

Instead of folding, you need to start rolling. You will be so surprised at how much room you will save by just rolling your clothes up instead of laying them down flat. Your bulkiest items such as jumpers and jeans should go into the corners and to distribute weight evenly, then continue placing your rolled-up clothes towards the centre. Your dressier clothes can lie neatly on top of these.

The website Her Packing List have written a great article on packing a better bag to help you save more space.

Don’t pack items you can buy there

Don’t pack unnecessary things that you can pick up once you’re at the destination; if you're running out of room you can always buy toiletries and sun creams there, and your accommodation may provide a hairdryer, for example.

Now you know how to pack light, it's about time you got booking your next trip away so you can put these top tips into practice. Head over to Travel Republic now and get planning.

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