5 Important Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon in Jamaica

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Planning a honeymoon can become somewhat difficult in most places, as you might not find enough “wow-factor” places to visit or see. In Jamaica’s case that never happens, and you’ll find the beautiful island country to hold many impressive – as well as romantic – surprises for those who decide to enjoy a truly memorable time here.

1. Villas, Bungalows and White Beach Resorts

Jamaica is an emblem of luxury when comparing it to other beach areas within and outside of the Caribbean. Soft, large, sandy beaches dominate the coastline, while the tourism industry here seems especially focused on providing quality over quantity. You won’t find low-end restaurants, and many of the resorts have beautiful villas or bungalows that you can rent out to enjoy the experience of a genuine island power couple.

Organizing your honeymoon here will offer an ideal blend between enjoying stunning views and landscapes, choosing your own level of activity, and enjoying perfect privacy throughout your trip.

2. Some of the Caribbean’s Best Waterparks

Jamaica has without a doubt some of the most exciting, largest and most thrilling waterparks in the entire Caribbean. The Pirates Island waterpark is a good example and a notable location to visit during your honeymoon in Jamaica. It has impressive waterslides, a surf simulator, a whirlpool, a rainforest game room and many other exciting rides that will spice up your honeymoon pretty quickly.

3. Adults Only Beaches 

It’s true, many of Jamaica’s waterparks are family-friendly, so you’ll also want some time to spend in adult-only areas. During your honeymoon, you can explore places like the long, 7-mile beach at Couples Swept Away – a good destination for honeymooners who want to be in touch with nature, while still enjoying their favorite drinks and dishes at the local restaurants and bars in Bloody Bay or Negril.

4. The South Coast

Jamaica’s South Coast is the perfect destination for couples who want to enjoy a more secluded area for a peaceful and tranquil pastime. The 12 overwater bungalows that you can find here will make you feel in tune with nature, while still providing you with the luxuries of a genuine resort – such as premium drinks, gourmet food, and more.

5. All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages 

Probably the best reason to choose Jamaica is not just that it has a wealth of lovely beaches and unique resorts to wow you with, but also because here you can enjoy some of the most complete honeymoon package deals in the Caribbean. From sparkling wine to the most delectable breakfast food, and from a quiet moonlit dinner to exciting tours and boat rides, some of these packages offer a very broad range of benefits available at all-inclusive prices that won’t really hurt your wallet. 

Fitness centers, play lounges and sports areas with options for playing volleyball, basketball and pool will keep you entertained, while roundtrip airport transfers, free WiFi and professional watersport instruction is available to make your trip more convenient and less time-consuming. There is a lot to explore here, and you’ll find that the locals are more than hospitable when it comes to helping you sort out just about any problem that you might run into.

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