An Option that Gives You Reliable, Low-Cost Access to the Internet All Over the World

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Day to day life for most of us comes with the requirement to have quick and permanent access to the internet, and chances are that we need instant access to information available from online resources during our vacations as well. Locating shops where the products we are looking for are available, finding the museum or the restaurant we want to visit at a domestic vacation destination or during our travels abroad, staying in touch with business partners and clients not only from the office, but while we are on the go as well are very much parts of our lives and all of them require a stable connection to the internet.

There are various methods that enable you to connect to the internet wherever you are. You can always try to connect to free local hotspots, meaning that you will be connected only in the area covered by a specific hotspot, and mobile network providers also offer the solution to add an international data package to your existing plan, a process that will add the usually substantial costs of the extra data usage to your bill. Fortunately, there are affordable and comfortable alternatives: portable hotspot devices such as called Webspot from Pocket Wifi USA.

Key Features

What Pocket Wifi offers is an outstanding prepaid service that gives the user access to the internet through a small, battery-powered device the price of which is included into the package. All you need to do to get the device and to get up to 5 devices instantly connected to the internet is to prepay the package of choice and to specify where you want to get the device shipped – there is no contract and no hidden costs involved. Here are some other benefits to enjoy with the Webspot:

  • Roaming charges are reduced to the minimum, allowing you to save around 95% if you use the device to connect to the web abroad;
  • The Webspot can be a good choice of reliability, too, offering 4G connection included in the basic offer;
  • The Webspot connects to local networks automatically, so no need to search for networks manually;
  • The battery in the device is able to support about 8 hours of continuous use;
  • Due to the agreements with most major mobile operators, including Orange, Vodafone, AT&T and Verizon, the Webspot works in over 100 countries;
  • The daily data plan is the biggest available today, offering 10GB/day in France, 5GB/day in other European countries, the USA and Canada and 2GB/day in Mexico, to mention just a few examples.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Portable Hotspot Device

  • If you use your portable hotspot unit with a mobile device, review the apps that autosync – syncing apps that you don’t need is a waste of data and energy. Pay special attention to photo and video apps;
  • If you use the device for streaming, adjust the quality of the videos that you are watching – it will save you data and battery power without compromising viewing quality;
  • Review the settings for your video calls as well;
  • Turn off the device when you don’t need it – this simple measure will make sure the battery will have sufficient power whenever you need it.

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