Rent a boat in Amsterdam and discover the Netherlands

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Be the captain of your own ship by opting for boat rental in Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam by boat is almost a must when visiting the capital of the Netherlands. The beautiful canals around the city make for a captivating landscape and it is a unique experience to say the least. 

If you rent a boat in Amsterdam there are certain things you shouldn't miss and in order to get you started, here are a few suggestions.

Ahoy skipper!

To rent a boat in Amsterdam is easy and there are several good alternatives when it comes to finding the right one. All you have to do is decide on what it is you want to tick off your "must see" list and start sightseeing. It might be good to learn a few tricks of the trade before you get going though and it's always crucial that you apply any and all safety measures. 

There is a lot of ground to cover, or in this case water and that's why it might be good to have some suggestions in terms of what might be nice to catch a glimpse of. 

1. Westerkerk Church - one of the more prominent monuments not to be missed while cruising down the canal is the Westerkerk Church. Finished in 1931, it is the biggest church in Amsterdam and quite a spectacular sight. It is regarded by many as the most important Protestant church in the city and as if that was not enough, its bell tower is widely considered to be a symbol of Amsterdam itself. Cast anchor for a while and listen to the chime. 

2. The Skinny Bridge - its name allures to the construction of the bridge and it is easy to see why this particular one draws quite the crowd on a regular basis. With a mid-section made out of white-painted wood and affectionately called the Skinny Bridge due to its narrow passage, it’s a fun photo moment and a great part of your boat experience. It has become famous for a reason and if you feel like it, you should hop off your boat rental for a while and take a walk. 

3. Rijksmuseum - another one for the history buffs, or if you are interested in culture and art. Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is usually referred to as the museum of Amsterdam and it is home to some of the most inspirational masterpieces in the world. Choose to visit one of the permanent exhibitions or make sure to time your visit when one of your favourites stop by. Either way, make sure to make time for this incredible experience.

Rent a boat in Amsterdam and have the experience of a lifetime

Boat rental in Amsterdam is common praxis and it's the perfect way to blend in with the locals, save a few bucks on accommodation and since there are plenty of different options to choose from, the world is your oyster. Check out some of the sites mentioned here or simply create your own perfect itinerary. Just don't forget your lifejacket. 

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