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Helpful Road Trip Tips for Visiting Costa del Sol in Style

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If you’re planning to visit Costa del Sol, you probably already have your sights set on places like the beautiful Nikki Beach in Marbella or the bustling Muelle Uno port with its impressive shops and restaurants. However, once you’re actually in Costa del Sol, you have to know how to get around easily and avoid wasting precious time and energy.

The most convenient and overall best method to get around Costa dell Sol is to choose a car rental service like Delpaso Car Hire and quickly rent a car of your choice at the best price in the region.


Renting a Car – The Best Way to Get Around Costa del Sol

Based in Malaga, Costa del Sol has a lot of smaller communities, villages and hidden gems that you might not even know you’d like to visit.

While tours are available throughout the region, the best way to move around is actually by car. Such an approach will allow you to see the stunning scenery in areas like Calle Larios, Malagueta Beach and Torremolinos, as well as the stunning Montes de Malaga to the North. 

Buses and trains to some locations might be available, however, getting around like that can be a nightmare if you’re new to the area and you don’t know exactly where all the bus stops and stations are located. As such, car hire services are the most practical solution.


The Car Hire Process

When considering services for car hire Malaga Airport is a good place to start. Here, as your plane lands, you can already call a service like Delpaso to take care of your car booking needs.

Even before you arrive, it will be easy to just use the online form available on Delpaso’s official website to select your car, choose the time and date when you need it and check to see what’s available. 

The process is more or less straightforward, but when you’re in another country, you will want some security as well.

That’s why you might need Delpaso’s Full Pack for extra protection. By opting for this offer, you’ll not only get basic vehicle theft cover, but also liability cover, convenient road assistance, accident management and different coverage levels for damage, if you get involved in a car crash.

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Posted by Minnie on
Hi Josh, Love your suggestions and that's exactly what we'd like to do, but I've read that one has to worry about luggage being stolen even when it's hidden away in the boot. Any tips for how we can stop in one town for lunch or to wander about for 2 hours before heading to the next town? Thanks, Minnie
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