The Rare and Unique Opportunity of a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda

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Gorillas are quite possibly some of the most intelligent, unique and mysterious animals in Africa.

While you might find many tour guides and trekking specialists offering various types of safaris throughout places like Uganda, Congo or Kenya, very few companies are available that can provide a safe and richly rewarding experience through Rwanda gorilla safaris.

The Last Gorillas on Earth

The gorillas of Rwanda and places like the Volcanoes National Park have attracted a lot of attention in the West in recent years – and for good reason. Here you can find some of Africa’s most amazing natural places, along with the unique habitats of some of the last 900 mountain gorillas still remaining on Earth. 

This unforgettable place will make you stare in awe at the humanoid nature of the gorillas as well as at their unique interaction with each other and with the largely untouched piece of land that attracts so many tourists from all around the globe.

The home of these remarkable creatures is a set of volcanic peaks that are shared by the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with the countries of Rwanda and Uganda. The mountains are known as the Virunga Massif, and the population of mountain gorillas found here is constantly being thinned by poaching and illegal hunting. As a result, people are rarely granted access to the region.

Spending Time with a Beautiful Family 

As part of Rwanda gorilla safaris, you can spend some time with a lovely family of mountain gorillas. The Rwandan gorillas are – as you probably already know – vegetarian mammals living together as families that are typically quite friendly, social and highly intelligent. You’ll find that they are so much like humans that their behavior will astound you, and anthropologists will tell you that observing them is quite similar to going back in time and observing how early humans used to behave. 

Mountain gorillas spend most of their time feeding on bamboo shoots and searching for additional sources of food such as insects and various types of fruit. Additionally, they also love to travel, play and rest together, as well as engage in impressively human-like behaviors like cuddling, wrestling and hugging each other.

Where to Find the Best Rwanda Safaris

One of the few trekking companies that feature trustworthy guides and experts who can take you to the depths of Rwanda’s wild, where you can encounter some of the most amazing gorillas still alive today, is Gorilla Trek Africa. The company provides Rwanda gorilla tours available for tourists and visitors interested in seeing the elusive gorillas on the Rwandan side of the Virunga Massif, as well as those who want to catch a glimpse of the human-like mammals in the neighboring countries of Congo and Uganda.

With highly trained professionals who have more than 15 years of experience trekking and offering safari trips throughout Africa, you will be completely safe here, and you’ll get the opportunity not only to enjoy the best gorilla tour in Africa, but also to enjoy a whole host of other uniquely enriching experiences, including game viewing tours, eco-tours and cultural trips throughout Rwanda, as well as other countries that boast a rich and impressive wildlife, such as Kenya and Tanzania.

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