Sailing Yachts in Croatia – The Best Way to Experience the Spectacular Unique Dalmatian Coastline

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If you are passionate about sailing, enjoying your favorite pastime on a yacht that sails around Croatia will surely give you the vacation of a lifetime – here are some features and options that make sailing yachts in Croatia, and the experience of exploring the area on one of these vessels, so fascinating.

A Breathtaking Scenery

Croatia might be a small country, but it’s long, rugged coastline borders waters that are spotted with over 1,000 islands of various sizes, many of which are covered in the area’s indigenous fauna, untouched and unharmed. With only 50 of the islands being populated, sailing in the area gives you the opportunity to find secluded, cozy islands that you can enjoy undisturbed, in the company of your friends. Another feature that makes these islands so unique is variety – from each spot, you will see a different face of the sea. The hues of blue and green of the waters and of the sky are never the same, but always spectacular.

A Comfortable Climate 

The Mediterranean climate of the region is hot, so high-factor sunscreen is a must-have, but you will never feel it scorching as there is always a refreshing light breeze. During the sailing season, from April through October, you can expect temperatures up to 38°C, but the breeze makes sure that you will never feel overwhelmed by the heat.

A Rich Culture and an Amazing Cuisine

The area of the Mediterranean coast that is today Croatia has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The long and rich history and culture of the area ensures you will find something interesting, wherever you decide to stretch your legs on land.

Croatia also has a lot to offer to gourmand and gourmet visitors – seafood, lamb and veal are the most common meat varieties used and they are always combined with the freshest vegetables.

Sailing Yachts in Croatia – Comfortable, Well-Equipped Vessels

Croatians know how to ensure the best sailing experience to their visitors, offering the best vessels in multiple categories. The sailing yachts in Croatia come in various sizes, allowing you to pick the right vessel that suits the size of your group – you can choose to rent smaller gulets with three cabins for accommodating 6 people, larger vessels for 10 people and many other sizes. What is, however, common for all the ships is quality: whether brand new or classic and restored to its original glory, these ships will give you the opportunity to sail the crystal waters in style and comfort, to enjoy the best food while onboard and the knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and helpful staff will give you all the assistance you need for making the most of your journey.

The style and quality available with sailing yachts in Croatia will make you want to come back and repeat the experience with a difference each year – fortunately, the 1,000 islands distributed in the region will always give you something new, something spectacular, something unforgettable.

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