How to Save Money on Perth Airport Parking

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One of the challenges for tourists traveling to Australia is how to find affordable Perth airport parking. From past experiences, everyone knows that available spaces around airports are at a premium parking rate.

While some people are ready to sacrifice money for peace of mind choosing valet parking, most travelers will go to great lengths to find airport parking at a good price. There are several ways they do this:

1. Book Parking Through Their Travel Agency

Some travel agencies work with local parking services and offer their clients affordable Perth airport parking spaces as an extra incentive. However, this is not available everywhere and for every type of vacation package. As a premium service, you should be in the 5-class hotel tier to be eligible for this amenity.

2. Ask Around

The good old “ask a local” method does not always work. It is even less likely to work in airports, which are traditionally situated outside the city, due to the high noise level. And even if you do find a helpful local, they may not know all the car parks around the airport – or the ones offering the best rates.

3. Check the Info Kiosk in the Perth Airport

The well known Info kiosk for tourists will offer a wide range of information, including on airport parking areas. But you will get the premium priced offers at the top of the list of recommendations. And with a queue of people waiting to use the kiosk, you won’t have a long time to search.

4. Use the Parkos Parking Service

Parkos is a specialized parking service that will recommend only affordable and personally inspected car parking areas. Booking parking space through Parkos will give you the guarantee of the best prices and a safe and secure parking facility for your car. Instead of wasting time looking for a place to park your car, you can easily solve this issue in a few clicks and then enjoy the day without worries.

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