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We are working on a new post on how to save money while travelling and Sarah beat us to it. You read about our Secret Weapons for Stress Free Travel now here is a few tips to help you start saving you way to more holidays!

2014 already! In many parts of the world many of us are looking ahead to the warmer months, particularly our summer vacation. After the expense of Christmas drained our bank balances, many of us don’t have the cash to splash on a lavish getaway. However, travelling needn’t be as expensive as you might think: this post will run through some of the top moneysaving techniques to slash the price of your holiday.

Be flexible

When it comes to booking your holiday, the more savvy you are the more you will save. One of the easiest ways to save some cash is to be flexible with when you can travel. Airlines often operate reduced-priced flights at less convenient times, like early mornings or late at night.


Another way is to avoid travelling a peak periods. For example, during the school holidays, travel companies often hike up their prices in an effort to capitalise on their market. Holidaying outside of this periods can result in a significantly lower price.

Eat in

Along with sightseeing, eating out is one of the biggest expenses you’ll face when travelling. While it’s nice to experience a slice of the local cuisine, it can often come with a hefty price tag.

Eating in could be the answer to reducing these costs. Why not prepare your breakfast or lunch yourself? You can often pick up ingredients cheaply from a local supermarket.

Likewise, taking your own snacks can help to lower your expenses. Pack some of your home favourites in your suitcase and whip them out whenever you feel hungry. Obviously, you should avoid fresh food or food that can be easily crushed, but things like dried fruit, sweets and chocolate should be fine. Traidcraft has a great range of organic food that would be perfect for travelling, and are healthy enough to keep your vacation weight gain down too!


Don’t assume

The mistake that many holidaymakers make is to assume that a package holiday is going to be the best deal. While you can find some good deals at competitive prices, you should always check to see how much the flight and accommodation would be separately. Use websites like Skyscanner and to find the best prices on your chosen dates. You never know, you could bag yourself a huge saving.

Saving a little (or in some cases, a lot) here and there will all mount up, leaving you with more money to play with during your vacation. 

Forever travelling and trotting the globe, Sarah Black has a passion for all things cultural and one day hopes to turn her hobby into a career.

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