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Ambergris Caye may have been voted number one island, but I still have my heart set on visiting this one. Nearly every Aussie honeymooner has it on their list.

Mauritius is a gorgeous island paradise, so I think it's well worth getting out and about while you're here, rather than just lying on the beach - though you should definitely make a little time to do that too! Below, you'll find my top tips for exciting ways to explore the island.


1) Sky diving

Personally, I think one of the most thrilling ways to start your trip is by going sky diving - you'll get a brilliant bird's-eye view of the island! In fact, I'd argue that Mauritius is one of the most incredible places to go sky diving, just because the views are so incredible.

There's a variety of trips you can take, but I reckon most people will want to go for the tandem sky dive, which is perfect for beginners. If you're willing to have a six-hour training session, though, you could do a single line dive, which means you'll be jumping out on your own.

2) Scuba diving

Next on my list is scuba diving. I don't think any exploration of the island is really complete until you've spent at least a little time discovering the local marine life and amazing underwater landscapes, which you can see all along the 330 km coastline.

While there are loads of places to go diving here, that doesn't mean that all the sites are the same. In fact, one of the best things about going scuba diving in Mauritius is that there's a huge amount of variety in terms of the types of sites you can explore.

For instance, over in the west and south-west coast you can explore canyons, caves and chimneys, while the north and north-west is brilliant for seeing a decent mix of things in one trip, including shipwrecks, colourful coral and plenty of aquatic life. The south and south-east, meanwhile, is where you'll find the greatest concentration of marine life, with Belle Mare Pass being among the top dive sites here.

3) Kite surfing

If you fancy something a little more fast-paced, I'd recommend giving kite surfing a go. Mauritius is a brilliant place to practise the sport, thanks to its combination of beautiful beaches and, especially on the west coast, strong winds.

Some of the best places to go kite surfing here include Le Morne (which is on the aforementioned west coast), Anse la Raie in the north, Ponte d'Esny in the south and Poste Lafayette in the north.

4) Deep sea fishing

Last on my list is deep sea fishing, which is best done between November and April. What I like about this option is that it gives you the chance to admire the view of the coast from the water, as well as to have an unforgettable fishing experience.

When you go deep sea fishing, you'll try to catch large fish like tuna and giant marlin - and trust me, it's pretty exhilarating when you do! Places you can try it include Flic en Flac, Grande Bay and the area around Le Morne - but this is by no means an exclusive list.

Just as a final note, I'd also recommend seeing what activities and excursions your chosen hotel offers, since the luxury resorts here tend to offer a decent selection of exciting options. And if you're still in the process of deciding where to stay, you can take this into account when making your choice (you can check out some of the more luxurious accommodation options through Wanderforth).

Kristy Moore is a travel writer with a particular interest in the US and has been writing about her overseas adventures for a number of years.

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