4 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Travel Memories

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For the majority of us, some of the best and most fun memories we have are those made during travel adventures.

Whether that’s a week-long holiday or a good few months of travel, it’s always nice to look back on those fond memories. However, unless you use photo printing to showcase your travel adventures, these memories can easily be lost or forgotten somewhere in your computer’s photo and video gallery, which you rarely open up.

Here are 4 of our favourite creative ways to collect and showcase your travel memories. 

Create Photo Books

With the current camera technology on each smartphone, we all love to take lots of pictures everywhere we go. If you want to remember the specific moments in snapshots and not just the destinations you’ve been to, starting a collection of travel photo books is a great idea for you. 

No, we do not mean the classic photo album that collects dust somewhere in the back of your drawer - we mean a personalised photo book for every country / location you visit, that includes your favourite images and memory notes from your travels. The coolest thing is, if you start creating one for each country you visit, you will soon have a whole bookshelf space full of your own travel books for you and your guests to enjoy.

Send Yourself Postcards

It is highly common to send postcards to your family and friends back at home during your travels. However, have you considered sending one to your own address and saving them for memories once you’re back? 

This is not only a great way to showcase every country or city you’ve visited before, but it is also super fun to look back on and connect specific memories with. You will likely remember exactly where and how you purchased the card, how you wrote a fun note for your future self on it and how you looked for the nearest post office to send it out. Chances are, many adventures and memories will be tied in with that one postcard and it may end up being even more fun to remember than a picture. 

Collect a Specific Item

Again, there is nothing new about buying souvenirs during travels, however, there are ways to make this common tradition much more fun and creative. The item you buy and collect from each of your holidays can be very simple, such as a piece of jewellery, a fridge magnet or a t-shirt. 

It can also be completely random and unexpected though! This can be just about anything... How about collecting sachets of spices? Or beer caps? Perhaps tattoos, if that’s your thing? Get creative and start a unique travel collection to showcase! 

Keep Some Local Money

Most travellers will try to spend every penny of the local cash they have before leaving the country, as you won’t be able to spend or exchange small amounts of money elsewhere. The next time you are in that situation, consider just keeping one banknote or a coin from the country you visited. 

The local money is a fun and educational way to remember every place you’ve been to. You can then put all of that money in a jar or frame it on a wall to showcase. Keep in mind, however, that certain countries use the same currency (e.g. Euros in European countries), but the local banknotes will still have depictions of local attractions or influential people - so look out for those. 

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