4 Perfect Destinations for Solo Travelling Photographers

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While there are plenty of photo-worthy destinations for solo photographers worldwide, some are so otherworldly photogenic that you will feel an instant urge to immortalize them - dramatic coastline, mountain peaks, warm light, or historic features. If you are in such a beautiful place, your artistic side will take over, and all you can think about is your camera and how to capture that beautiful moment. 

Whether you are a newbie, professional, or a selfie-stick-yielding photographer wannabe, here are some of the best destinations for travel photography.

1. New Zealand

From wild coastal beaches to stunning mountain peaks and vibrant cities, New Zealand is a dream destination for photographers. The country has plenty to offer all year round, with its evergreen forests and majestic vistas providing numerous opportunities for capturing the most stunning imagery.

During summer, take advantage of the country's longer days and beautiful golden light. And as autumn comes close, the crowds start to disappear, leaving you with gorgeous open countryside and crisp blue skies. Meanwhile, the winter season is as fascinating as well. Misty landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and raging waterfalls are some of the best images to capture. In spring, the warmer weather will return, bringing with it a stunning display of colourful flowers along with frolicking wildlife.

Before travelling to New Zealand, make sure to research the weather of the places you plan on visiting since it varies from one city to another. Consider travelling by car so you will have the flexibility to see as many places as you can, although you may need to look for accommodation every night. Take note that there are certain places where drones are prohibited, so make sure you research about this ahead.

2. UAE

Anyone who has been to the United Arab Emirates knows that the country offers many excellent photo opportunities, especially in the magnificent city of Dubai. This desert oasis of modern skyscrapers is a haven for photographers of all kinds. Home to the tallest building in the world, not to mention a multitude of luxury hotels and the vast expanse of desert, Dubai is undoubtedly a playground for photography enthusiasts.

Filled with many beautiful places to add to your sightseeing list, Dubai is an excellent place for a holiday, especially if you are into photography. If you want to capture the city's architectural marvels, you will have plenty to choose from - Dubai Frame, Burj Al Arab, Museum of the Future, and of course, Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. But remember that there's more to a classy Dubai holiday than its famous skyscrapers. If you want to capture the old part of the city, head to the Bastakiya Historical District, get lost in its narrow alleyways, and take as many photos as you can. Check out the latest historical attraction in the city, Al Seef Dubai, a bustling waterfront promenade featuring Dubai's rich heritage and contemporary areas for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Don't hesitate to venture outside Dubai and check out the other emirates that make up the UAE. In Abu Dhabi, the country's capital city, you'll find many great places to photograph, from the modern Louvre Museum to the majestic Emirates Palace and the lavish Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

3. Scotland 

Home to so many incredible landscapes, Scotland has hit all the high notes regarding the best destination for photographers. From the islands to the Highlands, not to mention the scenic off-the-beaten paths, the country is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic places in the UK.

The Isle of the Skye is one of the most photographed places in Scotland, and it's easy to see why. Home to a myriad of jaw-dropping landscapes, from the mythical Fairy Pools to the rugged Cuillin Mountains. There are also several ancient castles to capture, including the scenic lochs, beaches, and rivers.

Check out the area of Glencoe for the most breathtaking mountain views. Located in the Highlands of Scotland, Glencoe is not only a haven for photography enthusiasts. It's also beloved by hikers, bikers, and all kinds of adventurers. But there's more to this region than its outdoor adventures. Here, you can capture snaking rivers, serene lochs, and undulating peaks. To photograph the sweeping vistas of Glencoe's stunning scenery, you may have to climb up high in the mountain. Nevertheless, the views are truly worth the climb!

Scotland is also famous for its castles, with more than a thousand scattered all over the country, ranging from grand stately homes to atmospheric ruins. Some of these are set on top of dramatic cliffs and surrounded by beautiful blooming gardens. When it comes to a castle with a picturesque setting, head to the Dunnottar Castle. This castle has the most breathtaking scenery, emerging from a rocky headland that juts out to the sea!

4. Thailand

Thailand is stunningly diverse, so it's not surprising why it's a favourite among photographers visiting Southeast Asia. It offers endless opportunities for stunning photography - from the northern hilly regions that border Laos, Myanmar, and China to the vast coastlines and islands. The capital city of Bangkok is already photogenic enough that you don't need to travel far to the countryside to capture the best shots.

Bangkok is most likely the first place you will visit if you're travelling for gay Thailand. Here, you will find immense and diverse culture, you can take photos of the modern skyscrapers, such as the Baiyoke Tower II and the King Power Mahanakhon, two of the tallest buildings in the country. Of course, there are also the awe-inspiring temples that look magical day and night.

There are also lots of unusual places in Bangkok that you can capture. Bangkok's Airplane graveyard has become the latest attraction in the city that has lured photographers of all kinds. Another interesting sight is the Elephant Tower, an elephant-shaped building located in the Chatuchak District. 

Try to visit the country during one of its festival celebrations, such as during the Songkran Festival, where you can capture fascinating sights of people throwing water towards each other. This water festival involves lots of merrymaking, and even tourists are welcome to participate.

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