The Best Spots for Tourists in Hawaii

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If you are looking for authentic American experiences as a tourist, the US state of Hawaii is the best place you should visit.

Hawaii is home to the true essence of Native American history. It helps tourists understand how America is embracing innovations yet preserving its abundant delicate natural landscapes.

It’s very likely you have seen Hawaii in a movie or documentary and think it is beautiful.  You must then try to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the real beauty you have seen in the pictures. Every year, tourists troop into Hawaii from Winter all through Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The easy process of getting a Hawaii Visa encourages many tourist visits, but Hawaii is not only a tourist attraction. It is one of the most explored US states for travel adventurers.

There are many breathtaking places to see in Hawaii. Every tourist attraction in Hawaii offers a unique experience, plus the history behind the sites makes the experience even richer. Many tourists have described Hawaii as heaven on earth, but you shouldn’t take their word for it. As you are planning to grab your bag for a trip to Hawaii, here are some of the top places you should visit for the best experience.

Top Spots to Visit as a Tourist in Hawaii

1. Halawa Valley, Molokai

The Halawa Valley is a spot on Molokai Island. Halawa is perhaps the oldest settlement in Hawaii. Still, the village suffered drastic damage from a tsunami about six decades ago. Many of those living in Halawa had to resettle, but a small population is still inhabiting the valley. Since the tsunami damage, Halawa Valley has naturally regrown its tropical rainforests and beautiful landscape. It also has some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in America. Halawa Valley is the right spot to visit for some authentic historical lessons on Hawaiian culture and the importance of the culture to modern-day America.

2. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Hawaii is the top spot for active volcanoes in America. In Hawaii, breathing fire is not figurative as tourists can literally see the seeping lava from the volcanoes. Right on the island, there are many rock formations from previously active volcanoes, and there is an active volcano that is the major attraction of the Park. Seeing an active volcano live is an experience many tourists hold onto for a long time.

3. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki beach is Hawaii’s biggest spot for tourists. It is Hawaii’s border with the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. It also houses the best entertainment service outlets in Hawaii. Surfboarding is one of the most interesting tourist activities on Waikiki beach. It allows many tourists to share the historical significance of surfing with the Hawaiian natives. Waikiki beach also houses the Diamond Head State Monument, a major part of Hawaii’s coastal defense. There, you can see that the bunkers and some of the arsenal are still on display.

4. Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu

The Polynesian Cultural Center is an active place for tourists to taste true and rich Hawaiian culture. The music, dance, and craft on display are testaments of the everyday lives of Hawaiians. The connection with nature is intense in this place; tourists get to see the many tribes that have been calling Hawaii home long before America was born.

5. Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is Hawaii’s tallest mountain at 13 800 feet. The mountain is surrounded by bright tropical vegetation and gives a spectacular view of the Island. There is an Observatory in Mauna Kea where most tourists take part in stargazing and learn about the active research being managed by the Observatory. Only expert mountain climbers and hikers can climb to the top of Mauna Kea as it gets extremely cold with increasing altitude.


There are other interesting tourist sites like Pearl Harbor, which is a national landmark and an active military base for the United States Army. Most tourists visit Pearl Harbor to understand the United States’ involvement in World War II. Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park is another top tourist destination in Hawaii. Others include the Haleakala National Park, Kauai’s Botanical Garden, and Waimea Canyon State Park. Driving on Hana Road is a must-have experience when visiting Hawaii.

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