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Sailing with your friends and family is brilliant! You have the chance to build up relationships and get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your children which can otherwise difficult, especially in today’s day and age where there are distractions everywhere you look. You’re sailing to a new destination each night – be it a secluded bay, a fancy marina, or a spot on a harbour wall in a cute authentic coastal village.

A sailing holiday with your family can be great, but in order to really maximize the opportunity (and make memories that will live with you forever), you should really investigate chartering a catamaran – you can get one in Croatia or Greece for a week for not much more than the price of a hotel or villa, but it is also your whole week’s entertainment too! They aren’t that much more expensive than a yacht, but they are so much better!

When you’re looking at which boat to charter, you want to try and get the most space possible for your budget, as well as considering the number of cabins, the number of bathrooms, and how new it is (the newer the better).

Catamarans are considered the best option when it comes to family sailing trips, and here’s why...

Catamarans are Comfortable

Catamarans are perfect for family sailing holidays because they are comfortable. They are twice as wide as a yacht so the seating areas are twice as big, the cabins are twice as big, and there is usually double the number of bathrooms.

They also have a superior level of stability, thus making it the right choice for your family and young children. Some of your family members need to get used to traveling in the sea or may have seasickness. Catamarans are perfect for them too.

Catamarans have More Space

Another reason for you to choose a catamaran for your family sailing trip is that it has a lot more space on and below the deck than any other sailing yacht. You and your family can enjoy sunbathing on the large deck space. You can maintain privacy for taking afternoon naps. There is ample room for your family to enjoy group dining or just for lounging.

Catamarans Offer Better Entertainment

If you are chartering with a lot of people in your family, then catamarans can act as perfect floating resorts for you. There are plenty of entertainment options on them to enjoy starry evenings and night dining on the deck. You can celebrate birthdays and anniversaries onboard as some of the catamarans have the option for you to arrange onboard parties in any of the communal areas that the boat has.

Catamarans such as the Bali 4.5 typically come with TV and DVD players as standard and also have space for a generator, so you can run the Wi-Fi / electrical toys you have even when you’re miles away from civilization.

Catamarans Get Closer to the Beach

Catamarans have the ability to go into shallow waters and closer to beaches because of their structure – there are two hulls so there doesn’t need to be a low-hanging hull to keep you upright. They are also capable of going into narrow marinas so that you are closer to the beaches. You can even step out of your sailing yacht and spend the day on the beach. It is easier for the catamarans to go ashore without taking any help from water taxis and dinghy.

Catamarans can Hold Water Sports Equipment

As catamarans have a lot of extra space inside it, you can store all your sports equipment and water toys like paddleboards, kayaks, inflatables, and water skis. You can also store all the safety equipment for your children in catamarans.

Catamarans are Best for Water Activities and Adventures

If you and your family love water adventures and activities, then it is a must for you to hire a catamaran for your family sailing trip. They are perfect watercraft to enjoy water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving. You can take with you a portable electric kickboard to enjoy if you want a much smaller version of sea gadgets but still provides the optimum power.

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