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We've done some pretty amazing flights in our time and I love this post by Cassidy. I can see I have some more flights in my future!

The activity of getting from one point to the next is typically not the most fun part of travelling, especially for the kids. Long hours on airplanes with little room to move and play can be frustrating for them. However, when you get a beautiful route to fly, the view can change all that. It’s a particularly good way of distracting the kids from boredom! Whether you’re cruising on your own chartered jet which can be provided through Air Charter Service’s private jet services, or cramped in economy class, these views are best seen from a window seat vantage point.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful routes and arrivals in travelling. 

Dallas, Texas to San Francisco

This is one of the very few unique air routes that promise breathtaking views from takeoff to landing. First you’re blown away by the vastness of the red Texan panhandle, which is so flat the sky seems endless. Then you’re spoilt with endless fields of wind farms (a particular favourite of the kids) and afterwards, the rugged crags of the Rockies. Finally, on your descent there’s the gorgeous view of the Yosemite Park, showing off what seems like a miniaturised Half Dome. The kids are as quiet as mice during this trip.

Any flight out of Portland, Oregon (but especially North to Seattle)

The active volcanoes of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier to the North of Portland are just a geography lesson waiting to happen, which is exactly the kind of educational trip we love! If you’re flying to Seattle, these volcanic wonders are all very practically positioned to your right, so we make sure we get a window seat there. Even if it’s cloudy, those glorious peaks tower above the clouds.

Albuquerque, New Mexico to Las Vegas, Nevada

Some might argue that the best vantage point for seeing the Grand Canyon is from the top, which is why we really love this plane trip. Another educational opportunity for the kids, and just a spectacular view for us, this bird’s eye view is the best seat in the house. Again, make sure you’re seated on the right side of the aircraft.

Hong Kong to the Maldives

Hong Kong may not be our favourite place to visit, but the trip out of there is good for more than that reason: the view of the towering city as you depart is something spectacular. This particular trip also flies over the lushness of northern Thailand and the unbelievable blue ocean surrounding the 800 islands of Burma’s Mergui Archipelago. Finally you arrive with the  obviously fantastic view of the Maldives coastline. You might not even need an island holiday on arrival!

Any route landing at Billy Bishop Toronto City

Located in Canada’s largest city, on a little island surrounded by the Lake Ontario, landing here is an experience to behold. Quite a small landing spot, this can only be accessed by small private jet charter, regional airliners and emergency flights. But it’s so worth it! The shimmering city skyline of Toronto is only improved upon by the fact that you’re landing on a tiny island in a lake. It doesn’t get much better than that!

These examples are proof that travelling with kids needn’t be difficult, and every part of the way can be another experience and opportunity for a lesson. Educational routes aside, these views are fit for adult viewing. 

Cassidy Nydahl is a budding food, lifestyle and travel writer, who is currently working in digital content marketing. 

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