The Most Important Things To Remember When Travelling With Family

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You know we love family travel and these are great tips by Christopher to help anyone plan their ultimate family getaway. Except lists, I don't do lists haha... But Josh loves them! 

Travelling with family is one of the most uniquely rewarding experiences in life. In turn, when things start going wrong, it can be enormously stressful if you don’t travel prepared. With just a little work and the right knowhow, you can make your family travels as stress-free as possible. Here are some of the most important things to remember, especially if it’s the first time you’re travelling with family.

1. Lists are your friends

Some people like making lists, other people do not. Either way, when it comes to family holiday’s lists are your new best friend. Your kids may not know what they need to bring with, especially if it’s your first big trip together. Sit down with them and write up a list, explaining that you don’t need 6 pairs of shoes for a single trip, and that you don’t need all of the cosmetics they can possibly think of. By writing up lists and checking them off, you can be sure that everyone has everything they need, and you won’t suddenly arrive in Montpellier to discover that your son has forgotten to pack extra socks.

2. Keep a first aid kit to hand

People get sick on holiday – especially kids who don’t know you shouldn’t drink the water, eat the ice, or touch everything they possibly can. Keep a first aid kit to hand with all the basics you will need. Band aids, paracetamol, antihistamines and antidiarrhoeal drugs should be your priority, along with medication for sea sickness, asthma or any other long-term health problems you can see popping up when it’s least convenient. 

3. Keep your passports together. No seriously.

Your kids will want to hold their own passports – it has their name on it, so it’s only natural. Don’t give into their requests though, because if one of your kids accidentally leaves their passport in the hotel or puts it in the wrong bag and you only find out as you’re going through customs, you’re in whopping headache that you don’t need. The same goes for health insurance documents like the EHIC. The EHIC, for example, grants you all access to state-funded healthcare at local rates, saving you a small fortune. However, it only works if you have it on your person. 

4. Limit liquids and plan around service stations

“Are we there yet?” We all know how grating that question can be. It can be tempting to drive past each and every service station in an effort to get places quicker, but it’s well worth remembering that kids have much smaller bladders than you might remember having. Limit liquids while driving and be prepared to stop at service stations every couple of hours. If nothing else, a service station can be a welcome chance for everyone to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and relax before cramming back into a packed car.

5. Pack light if you want to come back heavy

This takes us back to our first point about making lists. People like buying souvenirs, but thanks to airline baggage restrictions you only have a set weight allowance to work with. The more you take with on holiday, the less wiggle room you have when shopping in foreign markets, including the Duty Free. If you’re struggling to convince your kids that they don’t need everything they think they do, this can be a good way of tipping the discussion in your favour.

Christopher travels the World with his family and firmly belief in stress free travelling. He is sharing his experiences about the things to remember when travelling with family.

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I am a solo traveler but this time I am planning a trip with my family. I'm bit confused that I have big family and how I am gonna manage this trip. If you have any advice, please let me know.

Makayla Reyes Mar 1st, 2016

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