Top 5 Things To Do in Czech Republic

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Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, known for its unique heritage and a rich culture.

The country is full of historical buildings like castles, mansions and chateaus. It’s also famous for its mouth-watering cuisine, including a wide selection of local beers.

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague, is where most people tend to stay during their holidays. While the capital city is absolutely beautiful and there’s lots to explore, there are also many brilliant destinations for day trips from Prague. Day trips are a great way to explore some nearby towns or tourist attractions in a short period of time. Here are some of our favourites:

Explore the Karlštejn Castle

Only a 40-minute train journey West from Prague, Karlštejn is an astonishing little town to visit. It is most famous for the beautiful Karlštejn Castle, which was home to many royal members nearly 700 years ago and is one of the most visited castles in Czech Republic today. Not only is the castle itself incredible to visit and explore, but it’s based in a very picturesque location surrounded by dense forests. After a relaxing hike around the area, you may also grab a bite of local foods in the town of Karlštejn as well as visit some local museums. 

Enjoy the local cuisine in České Budějovice

Tasting the delicious local foods and locally-brewed beers is an absolute must while you’re in the Czech Republic. The town of České Budějovice is easily accessible from Prague with trains running every hour and is home to the brewery of the world-renowned Budvar beer. You may take the opportunity to go on a brewery tour or a beer tasting experience. Or simply visit an authentic local pub where the beer will be served together with the mouth-watering local dishes. 

Spend the day in Karlovy Vary

A little further from Prague (around three hours away on the train or bus) is a town called Karlovy Vary which is a must-visit for all the spa lovers out there. The town is famous for a wide range of therapeutic treatments and relaxing activities, such as thermal baths or natural springs. Not only that, the town itself is worth exploring, as it has many historical buildings, museums and restaurants to visit. It’s the perfect day trip destination for ultimate relaxation to recharge your batteries. 

Go skiing at Monínec

A completely opposite day trip activity for those who want to do something much more active is the Monínec resort. Around three hours away from Prague, Monínec welcomes visitors all year round and offers a number of fun activities. The resort is most known for skiing and yes, you may enjoy it during the warmer seasons too, as Monínec uses snow-making technology to ensure that skiing can be enjoyed at any time of the year. If skiing is not your thing though, you may enjoy cycling, hiking, golf and swimming there too. 

Visit Český ráj

Approximately two hours away from Prague, Český ráj is a stunning nature park, protected by UNESCO. The paradise-like area is famous for its magnificent scenery, full of canyons, gorges and unique rock formations. This is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself at rock climbing or tackling adventurous hiking trails - all while experiencing the lush panoramic views of the region and getting back in touch with nature. What better way to spend the day? 

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