Things to Remember When Camper Vanning in the UK

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We so enjoyed our camper van trip in the US that we thought perhaps we would like to do it again. Conrad has a great list to remember next time we go, one we highly recommend.

Driving through the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a campervan are one of those classic adventures that offers more delights than you bargained for. It can be a dream adventure with a mix of spontaneity and sightseeing, nature and culture. The closeness to the nature gives you a unique experience for life. Ample time to roam with your van gives an opportunity to enjoy the culture and nature of each different location.


If you want to enjoy this English summer go camper vanning! Research online, call any tourist center or join a caravan club. The perfect time for camper vanning is from July to September. But be aware this is usually where school vacation lies so you might need to book ahead.

Before you start your camper vanning dream summer there are certain things you should remember:

  • Route Plan - The most important thing to do before you start your tour. If you are on a limited time arrangement, selecting a route plan carefully will save you time in the long run. Do not forget to take a map with you. A GPS on a phone or in the car is only a wonderful invention while the battery or wifi lasts.
  • Hire the van – Go online to check for rented vans. The rent of the van depends on the size and duration and the price will fluctuate a lot. Sometimes it comes with insurance, sometimes without. The Caravan Club offer UK based motorhome owners a comprehensive package and could possibly save on the rental company’s costly alternative.
  • Packing- Make a list of everything you need or want to bring and tick down the list of items while packing so that you do not miss anything. Ensure the matches are on there for campfires. Also do not forget your mobile & laptop charger, perhaps a first aid box.
  • Check the rules of road – As per the route plan check the rules of the roads and make sure you stick to them. A great step to include when camping abroad.
  • Ensure safety – While choosing the spot for wild forest camping ensure that the place is safe. Places in America have bear boxes where all food items need to be placed. Check with the campsites on what safety you can follow.
  • Check campfire hours. Most campsites have restrictions on fires; so make sure you check it to avoid a fine.
  • Tunes – One of the most important ingredients in any good road trip is good music, preferably playing loudly with the windows down. Select you favorite songs to catch the mood of the tour.
  • Catch the moments – Do not forget to take a good camera to capture the memorable moments. Keep your phone camera handy for the spontaneous ones.
  • Money- last but not least – Carry some additional money in case of emergency. Pound sterling notes and coins are accepted in Ireland also.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, plan a route & feel the mesmerizing natural beauty of UK this summer.

Tasnim Niger is an experienced writer, who likes to travel. She has a strong proficiency in writing and research and is eager to travel more of the world. 

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