Three Water Things To Do In The Caribbean

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The Caribbean is just divine. We cruised through it, but I can't wait to go back and just spend days on it's silky shores. 

The Caribbean consists of hundreds of islands, from cheap and cheerful to luxurious and expensive. These islands offer a various range of activities for tourists. From the adventurous who are looking for the next dare to shoppers hoping to find that perfect pearl. Plan on spending a few nights with Dealchecker Caribbean holidays offering a wide range of accommodation choices. And then your opportunities are endless, but to give you some idea here is my top 3 things to do in the Caribbean.

1. Sea cruising at sunset

One of the best things to do while on vacation in the Caribbean is to have a cruise at sunset. The things that comes to your mind when you visit Caribbean is peace, beauty, romance, gentle weather, open skies – all of these can be enjoyed during sea cruises, specially at sunset. A dinner sunset in Aruba or St Lucia can be an ideal one. Those who are adventurous will wonder to join during a tall ship sunset cruise around St Martin. I know Travel With Bender loved their Caribbean cruise and will completely agree with this one.


2. Snorkel under the sea

The beauty of the Caribbean is not only above the sea but also down under. The unblemished beauty of the Caribbean lives under the seawater. One will find colorful coral and active marine life underneath. A snorkel trip is an exciting way you can view the beauty of underwater life in the Caribbean. Snorkeling in Aruba or in Nassau can offer plenty of excitement. If you want to test your nerve than you can try swimming with sharks.You can also try St Maarten shore excursion. It is a fun way to enjoy the beautiful treasures under the Caribbean Sea. Maybe stingrays are more your style? Although stingrays can be dangerous in the wild, visitors can interact safely with these graceful creatures at Stingray City in the Cayman Islands while snorkeling under water.


3. Island day hopping

A day long island trip can be the most exciting way of viewing the beauty of the Caribbean. When you head out of St Martin on an Anguilla day trip you will get the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful experiences in all of the Caribbean. You can do a bit of snorkeling in the trip as well. If you want to discover beautiful rocky islands a Saba day trip from St Maarten will provide that opportunity. To explore the best beaches in Puerto Rico you need to hop in the Culebra day trip. Some think the Bahamas is the most exciting and interesting of all the Caribbean islands. A hopping cruise from the Bahamas city, Nassau will pave the chance to collect simply gorgeous shells at Green Cay.

The Caribbean islands offer a wide range of exciting water activities. The beauty of Mother Nature drives all of these. There is so much more to be done in the Caribbean, but these are our absolute favourite ways to wile away my summer holidays. 

Tasnim Niger is an experienced writer, who likes to travel. She has a strong proficiency in writing and research and is eager to travel more of the world. 

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