Three Top Adventures In Brazil

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We havn't been to Brazil yet, but we so want to. And after Rio the kids keep asking when will we get there!

Ahhh Brazil… what in incredibly stunning and magnificent country!

With its beautiful landscape, tall mountains, serene beaches and vibrant culture – Brazil seems to have it all!

For those travellers, like me, who love to explore nature’s beauty at it’s best – Brazil’s a place you gotta travel to. And for those who love to mix in a little adventure Brazil doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint either.

Before you fly make sure you check out this flight information site, they’ve got a holiday planner, packing checklist, and lots of other really helpful information!

So, after a bit of research here are five adventurous escapades you really shouldn’t miss out on!

Hang gliding in Rio De Janeiro:

Hang gliding over Rio will not only give you a breathtaking aerial view of this beautiful city but a massive adrenaline rush that’ll stay with you for a long time after you touch down. Your point for hang gliding is the Pedra Bonita, a mountain peak situated in the São Conrado neighborhood. The pilot will take control of the flight so all you have to do is pretend you’re an eagle and soak up the beauty of Rio. White sand and crisp blue waters greet you as you land on the Pepino beach. It’s an out of this world experience!  You can find more information about exactly what it’s like and how to do it in angloinfo blog.


Rock climb the Pedra do Sino:

From the Peak of Pedra do Sino looking toward Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi.

The Serra dos Orgãos (Organ Mountains) National Park is home to 10 peaks greater than 6600 ft and 6 other peaks greater than 4900 ft! And it’s only located at a one hour drive from Rio! The highest of the peaks is Pedra do Sino (Bell Rock); standing at 7425 ft. Scaling this mountain is quite challenging given vertical rock formations – especially in and weather conditions. So if you can plan to do your climb in the winter season, so you can avoid the rains. The panoramic view of city you go up the mountain is worth every drop of sweat. Getting excited yet? Check out summit post blog for exactly how to get there etc…


Hiking from the Ponta Negra Village – Pouso da Cajaiba Village:

While you’re hiking between these two fishing villages, you’ll have to overcome a 90 minute long steep vertical climb and pass through a dense rainforest. Couldn’t think of anything cooler to do on a hike! The trail also includes a swim across one of the most beautiful deserted beaches in the region, the Martim de Sá beach. This hike will send your senses soaring as you conclude the 6 hour long trek in the Pouso da Cajaiba Village. It’s a challenge for trekking and adventurists alike. Trilha a Pe a tour company – it gives you enough info so that you can go ahead and do this trek yourself.


If you travel to Brazil the last thing you’re going to do is regret it. But if you don’t go, you’re bound to regret it for the rest of your life!

Mike Walter loves adventure and is always on the lookout for the next big thing to do. Brazil was an easy challenge that he loves to write about. 

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