Isn’t It Time You Tinggled A Travel Lover?

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The evolution of gift giving 

At some point in our lives most of us have done at least one of the following; Googled an answer, Ubered a ride, Skyped a friend, Photoshopped an image, or FedExed a parcel. Maybe the day has come for you to Tinggle a gift? 

Tinggly experience gifts are an entirely new concept in the modern gifting experience. 

It is the evolution of how we choose, present, and appreciate gifts for people who have a love for travel, adventure, and for those with a passion for new experiences. Tinggly eliminates the need for giving material gifts which usually end up in dark, dank attics, or worse still in landfill sites. And what’s more, you won’t believe just how simple and uncomplicated giving the gift of experiences can be. 

Why choosing gifts is a universal problem 

Choosing gifts for family, friends, colleagues, or clients has always been a problem. What to choose? How much to spend? The problem is compounded if you don’t really know the person’s likes and dislikes. Or, even if you do know what they like, they probably already have everything they need. 

Tinggly addresses all those problems with one easy gift solution. 

How Tinggly solves the problem of gift giving 

Tinggly is leading the charge in the evolution of gift giving, and the whole process couldn’t be easier. 

Here’s how it works: 

1 - Go to the Tinggly website and choose the gift box you want to give. With 28 gift boxes, crammed with over 2,000 experiences, in over 100 locations worldwide, the recipient gets to choose for themselves the experience that’s right for them. That’s right, the recipient chooses their own gift. 

2 - Once you’ve chosen the gift box - which come in a range of prices - the whole online ordering process is simple, straightforward and fast. 

3 - There are three ways in which the gift experience can be delivered; the voucher can be delivered instantly to the recipient by email, it can be delivered directly to the recipient worldwide via DHL (within 2-3 business days), or you have the option of printing the voucher and delivering it to the recipient in person. 

4 - The recipient receives the Tinggly gift through one of the above three methods, they then get to choose the experience they want from a huge collection of unique and hand-selected adventures and experiences. 

5 - The recipient has 5 full years to choose their experience. That’s right, no other gift voucher offers you the same choice and the same value. 

6 - If, for some reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with your gifting experience Tinggly offer a super full refund process. 

7 - It couldn’t be simpler, so what are you waiting for? 

Look what Tinggly has for you 

Tinggly experiences come in many guises, from extreme sports and adventures to relaxing spa treatments and exclusive dining events. The choice and range of experiences are vast, as are the choice of locations. 

Here’s just a few from around the world to spark your wanderlust: 

Wildlife safari for two in Wyoming, USA - Great safaris are not confined to Africa. The amazing Wyoming safari gift experience gives the recipient and their guest an unforgettable morning of nature and wildlife in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park in the company of an expert naturalist. 

Scuba diving for two in Tenerife, Canary Islands - If witnessing life beneath the waves has always been on your bucket list then this is the adventure for you. Even with no previous diving experience, you’ll soon be enthralled by the opportunity of coming face to face with octopuses, being fascinated by a rainbow of multi-colored fishes, and if you’re really lucky the chance of swimming side-by-side with sea turtles in crystal clear waters. 

Try a Thai massage in the place where it was invented - Take a relaxing break from exploring the amazing sights of Bangkok with an invigorating authentic Thai massage. In the grandeur of the stunning Grand Palace release the worries and cares of daily life from tired and tense muscles, and spring back into the world with new life and energy. 

Highland eco trekking tour for two in Ethiopia’s Lasta Mountains - In the company of a professional guide, experience a one-day hike in the spectacular Lasta Mountains. Meet the locals and learn about their lives before getting the opportunity to get up close to the Ethiopian wildlife; Gelada baboon, Ethiopian wolves, and the stunning bearded vulture. 

Hunter Valley Australia wine tasting tour for two - After entering the spectacular Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, noted for its creeks, mangrove swamps, and secluded coves, take a stop in Wollombi Valley for a snack and the first of the day’s wine tastings. Visiting several wineries throughout the day you’ll learn about the area’s unique wine-making qualities while tasting a selection of specialty wines only available directly from the winery. 

It’s time to get Tinggly 

Now that you know what Tinggly is all about, and more importantly how it’s reshaping the whole world of gifting, you’ll never again be stumped when it comes to gift-giving. 

The Tinggly objective is to make people happier by providing the opportunity to give real-life experiences from right around the world. Experiences that create memories and stories to be recounted again and again, long after the gift has gone. 

The days of gifting ‘stuff’ is fast disappearing, and about time too. So remember, give stories, not stuff. 

Will you make someone Tinggly today?

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