5 Tips for Choosing the Most Refined and Convenient Hotels in Paris

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Many who visit Paris say that the city itself has an aura of mystique and unique beauty that can only be experienced firsthand.

Local hotels reflect that, and it’s impossible to miss their charm when you arrive at your accommodation from the airport. Finding the best hotels in Paris, however, is no easy feat. To do that, it’s essential to look at some of the deeper aspects of what makes a French hotel truly great.

1. The Location 

You might be looking for something close to Belleville and Villette, or a hotel that is within walking distance of the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower. In every case, location is essential if you want to get around Paris easily and not waste time.

Depending on your itinerary, the sights you wish to see and the overall experience of your trip, a central location that’s still close to the places you’d like to visit is typically recommended. Make sure to also keep track of issues such as navigating traffic, minimizing travel time between venues and the quality of nearby neighborhoods.

2. The Complete Experience

For shorter visits, it’s essential that you choose a hotel that offers a complete experience. Some who visit the City of Light might be first-time visitors, a romantic couple on their honeymoon, or a group of friends wanting to explore the Parisian walkways and streets. Others might just be on a business trip. Paris hotels can offer a complete experience for any of those scenarios and many others.

With luxurious rooms of any size, confidential bars, a staff that will cater to your every need and family-friendly accommodation options, many of the best local hotels can offer a complete experience no matter your goals while visiting the city.

3. Exquisite Customer Service

Although you might not want to be disturbed during your trip, having good housekeeping and customer service can really help you out. In Paris, you can expect excellence and choose one of many hotels that can deliver without fail. Make sure the hotel you select has adequate reception, an amiable and discrete staff, excellent room service when it comes to breakfast and room service options that include traditional French cuisine.

4. Noise, Pets and Convenience

While staying in Paris, you’ll want to be comfortable – even if you bring along your pooch or cat on the trip. If you have a pet, it’s essential to call ahead and ask, since many (not all) Paris hotels do not allow pets to stay in their rooms.

Also ask about comfort-related elements such as soundproofing, renovated rooms and bathrooms with either a bathtub or shower, as per your request. You’ll be surprised to see just how many of these requirements can be met without a problem, if you ask the right questions in advance.

5. Refinement and Amenities

If you plan to go to Paris, you should aim for the top. Although some of the most luxurious hotels can be expensive, you will find a great deal of comfort, refinement and luxury in Paris hotels that don’t necessarily charge exaggerated sums, but are true to their word when it comes to bringing you the best experience possible.

At some of the very best hotels in Paris, you can also expect exceptional services and benefits, such as lounge VIP access, steam rooms and fitness centers, shopping delivery, hi-tech TVs and appliances, a view of the Eiffel tower, and even a dedicated butler.

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