Tips For Travelling With A Sick Child

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I know how challenging it can be travelling with a sick child. So finding advice like this is priceless.

Travelling with children in general can be a difficult situation, but travelling with a sick child can be even more so. While families will avoid travelling with a very sick child altogether, sometimes our kids get sick while we’re away, and flying home on the day we booked is the only option. We’ve put together some tips for travelling with children who are sick – whether mildly or otherwise. So check you have your health cards like your ESTA (You can apply for one at and make sure you pack the medicine. Here are our tips for travelling with a sick kiddie. 

Check with a pediatrician first

First things first, you should always check with a pediatrician or your family doctor before you travel with sick children. No matter how mild the illness appears to be, I can still be worth checking just to be sure that it is safe not only for your child, but for everyone stuck on a plane with your child for the duration of your journey. Mild illnesses will usually get the go-ahead from your doctor, but be sure to call anyway – after all, a pediatrician is likely to be able to offer you more in-depth and relevant advice about travelling with the ailment that your child has.

Pack medicines in your carry on

Packing the right medicines in your carry on can save you a world of trouble once you’re on the plane. Having these medicines to hand is important, especially if your child needs to take certain medicines at certain times. Make sure they are medicines that you know work and your child will take. Loading your little one up with a medication that doesn’t work will leave you stuck for a few hours, unable to give them anything else to help with the symptoms. 


This is especially in the case of fevers, colds and minor bugs if you’re flying by plane. All of the listed are can make your child dehydrated and ultimately cause their symptoms to be worse, so make sure to keep them hydrated. Bring an empty water bottle through security, and fill it up once you’re through so you don’t have to wait for airport in-flight services, or if you’re going on a road trip, you won’t need to stop every time your child wants a drink.

Watch out for their ears on flights

The pressure that comes with take-off and landing on your flight can cause pain in children’s ears anyway, but when they have a respiratory or sinus-related illness, this can be even worse. Bring something for your little ones to nurse on, or something to chew. For younger children, juice cups and bottles work, or in the case of older children, consider using gum or chewy sweets if they’re too young for gum.

Pack a change of clothes everywhere you go

This is especially important for children with mild bugs. Sickness doesn’t wait for anything, and that includes you reaching a nearby bin or bathroom for your child to vomit into. Don’t dress your child in anything expensive or that you want to keep if you know they are likely to throw up, and make sure that you have a spare outfit for them to change into to save any awkward, unnecessary troubles on public transport while you’re travelling that will make you, and other travellers uncomfortable.

Being an avid traveller, Emily knows how to handle kids in difficult situations while travelling. She is sharing her experience on how to handle kids in an emergency.

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