Tips for Saving for a Family Holiday

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Some great tips on saving to travel with the family. Something we highly recommend! :)

Although taking a family holiday may be one of your goals, the thought of the strain that the cost of a holiday will put on your budget may be enough to stop you from booking a holiday that will create a lifetime of wonderful memories. The good news is, by implementing some money saving strategies, you will be amazed at how quickly you can accrue the funds you need for an enjoyable holiday.

Increase Your Income

Of course, everyone wants to boost their income, but working more hours in your current job or demanding a pay increase may be completely impossible for you. Thanks to the Internet, there are now many ways to make money online.

One popular method of seeking extra income is to trade shares or currency. If this is something you might want to try your hand at, keep in mind that there are risks involved, and consider completing a trading course through an education provider like Learn to Trade, as this will help you develop a clearer understanding of what you’re getting into.

Whether you acquire them through trading, selling unneeded goods, or picking up some casual night shifts, any supplementary funds generated should be transferred directly to your family holiday fund, hopefully allowing you and your loved ones to set off on your adventure much sooner than you planned.

Set up a Holiday Account

One of the most proven and effective ways to save for a family holiday is to open a designated holiday account, purely for the purpose of holding savings for your holiday. This account should be separate to other savings accounts that you hold and you should arrange for a defined amount to be directly debited to your holiday account each month.

Choose an Appropriate Holiday Destination and Research the Costs Involved

To ensure that you do take your family holiday sooner rather than later, scope out the options and choose a destination that will minimise the impact on the bottom line of your family budget. Careful and thoughtful selection of your holiday destination enables you to save the money required to travel far more quickly than you would if trying to save for travel to a more expensive and extravagant destination.

With this point in mind, there are some incredible, family-friendly holiday options quite close to home.

Be Flexible with Your Time

Particularly when paying for the whole family to travel, cost savings can be made by travelling at off-peak times. Typically, this means travelling outside of school holiday periods and avoiding major holiday times such as Easter and Christmas.

You should also consider shortening the amount of time that you will be away. Sometimes a shorter break can be just as refreshing and enjoyable as a longer holiday.

Develop a Budget and Strictly Adhere to It

If you are going to save effectively for a family holiday, it is imperative that you review your spending and reduce expenses wherever possible. You must budget accurately and realistically, and then stick to your budget to free up money for reallocation to your family holiday savings.

To ensure your family holiday becomes a reality, there are many ways to increase the rate at which you save. Look for ways to supplement your income, channel funds to a dedicated savings account, and be strict with your family budget, as these are among the best ways to save and experience an amazing family holiday much sooner than you anticipated.

Sarah Race spends any chance she can planning her families travels. After taking a gap year with her two children, she now attempts travel at least 4/6 times a year. When she's not travelling, she's working to save for travel. 

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