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We are Australians and we love to travel everywhere, but curious to see where all our kinfolk are going. Thanks for this, Dan! 

Australians are famous for their love of travelling. Here are the top 10 locations chosen by Australians, according to the official data.

New Zealand

Australia’s closest neighbour just across the Tasman Sea seems to be one of the most popular destinations. It is no surprise, as the island country in the Pacific has a lot to offer!


Made up of more than 17,000 islands, the country is an excellent choice for those looking for an exquisite diving experience, as well as for those interested in cuisine, culture and explorations of the natural assets on the islands.

United States of America

This huge country certainly astonishes with its variety and complexity in terms of settlements, culture, lifestyle and natural assets as well. Plus it has some great tourist drawcards from the Grand Canyon to Times Square. 

The United Kingdom

Channel Islands and Isle of Man – rich tradition, historic sites, extraordinary culture and natural beauties – these are the features that make the United Kingdom and, with it, the Channel Islands and the magical Isle of Man, so popular travel destinations for Australians. The weather might not be the best, but there is nothing that an umbrella and a raincoat could not solve.


Friendly locals, great weather, excellent food, thick jungles, crystal clear waters and affordability are the features that attract Australians and tourists from all over the world to this magical country. 


A history of more than 4,000 years, a colourful and rich culture, unimaginable natural wonders and architectural feats make China more and more popular as a destination for travellers from all over the world, including Australians. 


What makes the Lion City so popular these days is fabulous food that combines influences from China, India, Malaysia, a vibrant nightlife like nowhere else in the world and unique shopping opportunities. Plus it's home to the fun and closest Universal Studios. 


Called by many an earthly Paradise, Fiji welcomes its visitors with extraordinary food and weather, the clearest waters you can imagine, jungle tracks, hot springs, mud pools, unique architecture and friendly locals.


This huge and hospitable country astonishes with diversity and it offers an extraordinary opportunity to transform a holiday into a spiritual journey.


World-famous festivals, the opportunity to visit breathtaking ancient temples and shrines, amazing food and disciplined, high-tech environment that welcomes the traveller with the highest level of comfort is probably what Australians are looking for when choosing the Land of the Rising Sun as their holiday destination.

According to the above infographic in 2012 over 8 million Australians, that is, almost one third of Australia’s population travelled across the borders.

More recent figures show a steady and significant increase in the interest for foreign travel – in 2015, more than 9.2 million Australians left the country for shorter or longer stays abroad, so statistics seems to confirm what we anticipated: Australians are, indeed, among the keenest travellers in the world.

Dan is an avid Australian traveller and always discovers new places. To fund his travel habit he is a statistical data analysis. 

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