The Top 10 Travel Apps You Simply Must Have On Your Journey

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Our phones are detrimental to our travel, so we love this list by Angelo. Some new ones I'll be checking out and adding to our list. 

Traveling is not always that simple, and without the proper information at your disposal, you might run across some serious issues. Thankfully, there are 10 reliable travel apps that can help you out in many problematic situations.

1. Sunscreen

It is mainly designed for hotter climates, and based only on your skin type and location, it can calculate the amount of UV light you might experience at any given time, telling you of the next time you need to apply your sunscreen.

2. JetLag Genie

It is a highly intelligent app that will help you beat jetlag quite efficiently. You simply have to input your sleeping schedules and future travel hours, and the app will provide you with a personalized alarm clock schedule to reduce the impact of future jetlags. 

3. The XE Currency app

It is free on all platforms (including Windows Phones), and it's probably the handiest currency conversion app out there. It uses live, accurate currency rates, so you'll never get a bad result, and it's been downloaded millions of times already, so you can be pretty sure it works.

4. WeatherPro

It offers a thorough picture of the weather conditions for up to 2 million locations worldwide. You can get insight on anything from wind speed and humidity to cloud formations that could predict potential storms in areas you might be traveling to.

5. M25 Cams

It is a cheap Android app that's designed specifically for London motorists looking to tackle the challenges of the M25 motorway. With 150 live video feeds of the road ahead, you can spot any traffic related problems, and safe lots of time on your journey.

6. Tipulator

It will help you avoid social embarrassment, whether you're dining in California or visiting a restaurant somewhere in Europe. It will calculate the exact amount you should tip, based on your bill and the local expectations for the region or city in question.

7. EHU

It can only be found on iPhones, but if you like camping, it's extremely handy. It can help you calculate the electrical output of any travel gadget you own quite accurately, preventing burnouts and providing peace of mind.

8. FlightTrack

It offers precise insight on anything from flight paths and departure times to possible flight cancellations and delays, to provide you with accurate information on when your loved ones' planes might be arriving, or whether or not your own flight might be delayed.

9. Waze

It is available for both iOS and Android at an affordable cost, and it can safely help you navigate through even the worst traffic. It uses GPS to get you to your destination across the fastest route depending on real time traffic conditions.

10. The IHG Hotel app

Found on iOS and Android, it provides invaluable insight on finding the best rates for available hotel rooms among thousands of accommodation options. It includes 300 hotels worldwide, and also provides insight on some of the best B2B business travel solutions available. Features include managing upcoming stays, best price guarantees and access to special offers and discounts from IHG.

It's easy to see how these apps can make virtually any type of trip a lot easier. Also, prices are generally low, so you don't need to worry about having to pay a lot just to gain access to their features.

If you are travelling for business, you might be looking for something a little different. We love this list of Business Travel Apps. 

Happy travels! 

Angelo Donahue is a travel fanatic as long as it includes technology. Graduated software developer he now spends most weekend exploring somewhere he's never been. Angelo also wrote this post in partnership with IHG Business Advantage.  

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