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Campervanning or road tripping through Australia is on my bucketlist. But like most people your own country tends to slip down the scale of things to see and do. One day this will be us! 

There is a good reason why tourism in Australia is one of the most successful industries around. With so many beautiful, diverse and simply magical places to visit, it can be a true pleasure to explore the lesser known areas and aspects of the country through a long, comfortable road trip.

Australian road trips can get you in touch with the nation’s spectacular coastlines, help you enjoy viewing the memorable landscapes of the Australian countryside from the comfort of your campervan, or bring you closer than ever before to the unique flora and fauna found in the Land Down Under.

Exploring the Beauty of Canberra and New South Wales

Touring through the capital territory Canberra, and reaching the Southern Highlands can provide you with a truly memorable road trip that allows you not only to explore the spectacular southern coastline, but also to stop along the way, and enjoy the finest and most unique culinary experience that Southern Australia has to offer.

You can either start out from Canberra or Sydney, covering a distance of more than 700km to explore highlights such as national parks, visits to wineries, cultural attractions and the exploration of the local wildlife.


The Beautiful Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast has always been known as a place that’s ripe for truly legendary road trips throughout the east of Australia. By driving from Sydney to Brisbane, you can travel through areas such as the Central Coast, the Northern Rivers region and the North Coast, before entering into Queensland.

This road trip can provide you with a rich cultural experience exploring both smaller towns and larger cities, while still getting in touch with the pristine and beautiful scenery of the Australian coastline.

The Great Southern Touring Route

Finally, the Great Southern Touring Route can be the scene of some of the most intriguing and historically rich Australian road trips, combining the beauty of Victoria’s scenic countryside views and rich fauna, with areas where you can truly experience Australian history as it was written.

While on a road trip of 700-800 km, you can enjoy learning about the Gold Rush and the times that came immediately after the first years of the white settlement.

Enjoy Australian Road Trips in Your Very Own Campervan

If you’re travelling from abroad, you won’t have to bring your own transportation or buy a new camper to benefit from all the beauty and majesty of the best Australian road trips. All you need is a reliable campervan hire service that can provide you with the ideal vehicle for all your travel needs.


When it comes to campervan hire, Australia has many excellent sources you can follow, and get the best campervan for a long or short road trip. Regardless of which of the routes presented above you’d like to take part in, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty and unique experience of the Australian road trips of your choice, travelling in style without any cares or worries.

So get your luggage ready, choose the route you’d like to explore, and organize your journey to benefit from some truly unforgettable memories by taking part in an Australian campervan road trip.

Gerri Sanderland is an Australian who has been roadtripping with her parents since she was 5. Now she takes her own kids around the coasts of Australia looking to write and inspire everyone to do the same. 

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