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We've never been on a safari, unless you count San Deigo Safari Park or Singapore's Night Safari. It's on my bucketlist though, now which one will I choose?

Sometimes a regular vacation just won’t cut it – you want something new and exciting, something you’ll really want to write home about. No poolside resorts or city apartments, no no, what you want is the outdoors. Ah, the thrill of it - fresh air in your lungs, a beaming sun, new landscapes to admire, and amazing experiences to be had. And what better way to get that than a safari! Here's a summary of the top 5 safari destinations or you can check out more at My Adventure Store.

South Africa

A classic but a goodie. South Africa is a perfect choice if you want an all-round introduction to safari life. Safari 101, if you will. There are so many options for the type of tours on offer; it’s simply unbelievable you couldn’t find one to suit your needs. The beauty of South Africa’s safari options are that you get both the wilderness and the animals you’re craving, but also tours of the main cities across the country.



If you’re after a more Arabian experience and have spent years dreaming of riding slowly lolloping camels past the world heritage pyramids – there’s clearly no other choice that to go on safari in Egypt. With the winning combination of their peoples enchanting culture and the countries awe inspiring views, a safari here is sure to tickle your fancy. There’s less emphasis on animal spotting, and more discovering a land that is thousands of years old. The beauty here is definitely no mirage.


If you’re keen to experience an Africa that seems untouched by the 21st century, Tanzania is the country to visit. A classic safari in this beautiful country will often revolve around camping and animal watching of course, but most importantly a visit to Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa’s tallest mountain. Plus because Tanzania wants to be a safari show off, you can also take trips to several beaches that line the coast of the country. This is the perfect safari to take if you’re a pure wilderness lover looking for a true escape.


If you’re less of a deserts and plains kind of person, and way more into tropical climates, the jungle, and beaches – this is a safari destination just right for you! Borneo is exactly the type of adventure rainforest lovers are looking for. The largest island in Asia, its geography makes it the classic rainforest meets the sea experience. The native people love (respectful) foreigners, there are an endless variety of treks you can take, and it’s a great place to fall in love with a new culture. Best of all – Borneo is one of only two countries in the world where orang-utans live in the wild. Talk about an exclusive safari.



Finally, no list of top safari destinations could be complete without including the Amazon! Unlike the previous four suggestions, safaris in this region are unique as the majority of travel takes place on a boat – funny that! Winding down one of the largest rivers in the world and taking in the sights are certainly an unbeatable experience if you’re a nature lover. This area contains the largest and most diverse area of tropical rainforest in the world, making it certainly worth your while.

Hopefully the above five options have given you the inspiration to start planning your next safari! Go on, get out there – the wilderness awaits.

Paul Brimmer is a trained geoligst, but a far better adventure seeker. His top destination? South Africa. His next destination? The Amazon. He is usually happiest travelling alone, lost in a jungle. 

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