Top Ten Things To Do In London On Valentine’s Day

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This list is undeniably romantic. You read all about our favourite things to do with kids in London, but for that special day without the kids, this is the list to read. Happy Valentine's Day. 

Struggling with how to surprise your beloved on Valentine’s Day? Or are you hoping to avoid the whole chocolate and flowers cliché? London is for lovers on Valentine's Day. The city has plenty of alternative ways to show love this year. To really spend the most romantic of dates your love would probably enjoy a night away in London and here’s an in-depth guide to cheap London hotels that can make it easy and affordable. Add to that one of our favourite top ten things to do and we guarantee your Valentine’s Day will be the best you’ve ever had.

Explore London Eye

There are lots of romantic options at the London Eye this year including a private capsule and a three course meal for one lucky couple. A poet will be bringing 'The Language of Love' from 13 to 16 February and on 14 February the London Eye will be decorated with roses and adorned with declarations of love in different languages, and the London Eye itself, illuminated in red.


Enjoy A Movie

Enjoy London Theater, Finchley's Phoenix, or lose yourself in romance at the BFI or ICA. The Phoenix cinema is where Londoners have been watching moving pictures since 1910. The BFI Southbank and ICA are always reliable romantic movie venues, more so for the feeling of isolation you get among the hardcore cinephile crowd and the nice bars. 

Head To Richmond Park

There’s nothing romantic about hunching your shoulders against howling winds and elbowing other tourists out of the way as you lose feeling in your hands, nose and toes at Hyde Park. Head to Richmond Park and go horse riding instead. 

Bateaux London Valentine's Cruise

A romantic cruise along The Thames is an excellent idea for you and your loved one and Bateaux London have lots of dining options with live entertainment and wonderful views.


Evening With The Stars - Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Enjoy a romantic evening at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich this Valentine’s Day, including a planetarium show about the romantic sights the night sky has to offer, a chance to do some stargazing through the 18-tonne Victorian telescope. Then it's time for a glass of bubbly standing on the Prime Meridian of the world whilst enjoying the amazing view.

Romantic Dinner

Even if you can't take your eyes off your loved one for more than a couple of minutes, it's always romantic to combine a Valentine's Day dinner with a stunning view over London. Several London restaurants take advantage of their location near London's river Thames, such as Royal Festival Hall's Skylon restaurant, The Tate Modern Restaurant or OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie. For couples on a budget there is Strada and Dim T, which both look out onto Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Romantic Walks in London

Before or after you've eaten your Valentine's Day dinner, you might like to take a romantic stroll. London has plenty of lovely places to wander, even in frosty February. 

  • Wrap up warm and walk arm-in-arm along the Thames
  • Take in some air in London's Royal Parks 
  • Enjoy the magnificent winter display at Kew Gardens
  • Take part in the Magnificent Mayfair Walking Tour, tasting the Queen's chocolate and visiting the best wine shop in the world along the way.

Try Tango By Candlelight

Tango can be pretty saucy, and learning it by candlelight may be romantic. Of course, the most romantic thing would be if your partner had secretly had dance lessons and was then to surprise you by sweeping you off your feet. Oh, hang on; I think that’s a Richard Gere film. 

Night Safari Celebrates Valentine's Day At Natural History Museum

After-hours tours offering different experiences depending on whether you think Valentine's Day is a pleasure. The pleasurable side of love and the natural world are on offer for those who enjoy all that Valentine's has to offer in The Beautiful Tour. The Natural History Museum, showing you the scariest, grossest and most dangerous creatures in their collections. Doors opens at 6:30pm, tickets cost £28.

The Cocktail Lovers’ Choice: Harvey Nichols’ Cocktail-Making Master Class

Whether you’re in the first throes of romance or you’ve been married for years, a Harvey Nichols Cocktail Master Class makes a fabulous date. Why? For starters, it’s posh enough to be special but relaxed enough to put anyone (over 18) at ease. Secondly, it’s just that little bit different, getting you into the spirit of things right from the word go. The best bit comes when you’re invited to get behind the glamorous circular bar to concoct your own cocktail - its heaps of fun and guaranteed to unleash your inner showman.

We hope this Valentine’s Day is a real winner for you and that your loved one is singing your praises for the rest of the year after you pull off one, two or all of our top ten experiences.

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