How to Travel Abroad For Free Using Student Study Programs

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There are many tough decisions awaiting our youth after their school graduation. Among the toughest is whether to study further or explore the world a little. Why not do both with a student study program? Here's everything you need to know.

Student study programs are the platforms used by students in high school, college or the university to travel across the globe. The motivation behind them is to give young people the opportunity to study, intern, volunteer or work abroad. They are who you run to when you want to take a break from your country during your gap year.

Besides studying and all the serious business that will get you traveling, there is more to gain. It is fun and exciting. You are very likely to enjoy any of the benefits below (if not all) while away.

  • Travel the world for free.
  • You get to network internationally.
  • Explore new cultures and foods.
  • Expand your career opportunities.
  • Make new lifelong friends.
  • Challenge your language prowess.
  • Discover new interests.
  • Make memories (and your Instagram to explode)
  • Escape all the nagging at home.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible to apply to any high school or college student travel programs by the simple fact that you are a student. You should be alive and sane; those are very obvious!

Requirements vary with each organization and agency, so what is a must-have for one may be a non-issue for another. Ensure to check your eligibility before throwing yourself into the application process. Visit such sites as Studentaid to get more info on eligibility. Standard requirements include the ones below.

  • Age
  • Your GPA score
  • The course you must complete before departure
  • Language(s) you know
  • Your citizenship

How to Enrol in Student Study Programs

Once you have completed the first two parts of this whole process; convincing your folks to let you travel (could be tough) and passing the eligibility test, apply! There is nothing like ‘you are too young to travel’ – maybe too old.

Tips to a successful application

Get your story right.

Why study abroad? What are my goals? Will I come back home? Tire your mind with such questions for you to come up with a winning application letter. Consult PapersOwl while at it and a plagiarism checker for your well-written proposal. It is critical that you get your story in order.

Check your calendar.

In the excitement, it is easy to forget that your school calendar still matters. You can travel over the summer and ensure to come back when school resumes. If you are out in your gap year, good! Look for a travel opportunity that covers a year or less.

Enlist your scholarship and financial aid options.

Once you start to Google for these, you cannot stop, unless you spice the process up with some organization skills. Look for financial aid to enable you to study abroad for free in the field of your interest. Make an elaborate list of all scholarships you can apply to in the order of deadlines. It is wise to check your eligibility first.

Research thoroughly.

Know all you can about your prospect sponsors. Look for information on their websites and visit the offices of the ones nearby. You should also be curious enough about the place(s) you shall visit and gather as much information as you can. If possible, be so thorough that when you get there, you live like some knowledgeable local.

Read reviews.

Know what you are getting yourself into. The review section of every website comes in handy in informing you what to expect when absorbed into the program; good and bad alike. It is also where you get to know what is expected of you by your aids.

Keep reading.

You are a student, right? The whole idea is to get you traveling but still studying, so keep in touch with your books. The tests will not stop coming your way even while abroad.

Pack and go already!

Not yet! If, however, you are very optimistic about your application, let nobody stop you from gathering a tip or two on how best to pack your luggage before you travel abroad. Go ahead.

Some opportunities to consider

There are literally thousands of opportunities to choose from when you start to look. You can learn anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are from. You can even get paid to do so, instead of you paying for the opportunity as it usually is.

Some travel opportunities you can look into for a start include these below. Google them online and be thankful later while somewhere halfway across the globe.

  1. Travel for teens
  2. Study French with AFS Intercultural Programs
  3. Volunteer at a Zoo in Australia with Rustic Pathways
  4. Experiment in International Living
  5. SPI Study Abroad
  6. Academic Programs International
  7. Federal Student Aid
  8. Study Across South Africa with Westcoast Connection


You are an excited young schooling adult – make it a fun experience. The curfews at home and monotonous school routines can suck the life out of you, so grab these study-abroad chances with both hands. You will make new friends, eat new food and appreciate your community and other communities out there when you travel internationally.

To succeed, be sure to research about the programs, get to know more about them beforehand and write an excellent proposition to them free of plagiarism. Tell your family and friends about the opportunities too; they should be part of your big success story.

Be cautious about how you will live abroad and avoid being conned. Do not let your excitement distract you from the main goal- to study. All the best young!

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