Find the Best Means of Travel and Quality Cottages in Northumberland

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There aren’t any doubts about the fact that Northumberland is a great place to visit, whether you’re more interested in travelling through the countryside, or staying at one of the quaint, beautifully decorated cottages in Northumberland just for the purpose of a weekend getaway.

As a first-time visitor to Northumberland, you’ll find there is a lot to see here, from Seahouses, offering professional boat trips and access to a gorgeous, picturesque fishing village, to the magical beauty of places like Bamburgh and Alnwick, where you can find some of England’s most impressive and enchanting, old castles.

Northumberland is a perfect holiday destination for fishing and spotting some of the most exciting wildlife in the British Isles. Moreover, the cliff walks and hikes, as well as the impressive cultural and historic value that a trip to Northumberland can offer will be worth every second of your time spent here.

How to Get There

Getting to Northumberland is not too difficult, seeing as there are plenty of  larger cities in the area – including Newcastle, Leeds and Middlesbrough, as well as a significant portion of impressive infrastructure. Whether you visit England from across the Ocean, or from Europe, you have the option of getting to Northumberland by air, by rail, by bus or by car.

If you’re travelling by air, your initial destination should be the Newcastle International Airport. Aside from supporting domestic and international flights, the airport is also close to Morpeth and Ainwick, along with several other important destinations in Northumberland. Another option would be the  Durham Tees Valley International Airport, which is also close to Morpeth.

If you’re thinking of travelling by rail or bus, most of the major cities and towns in Northumberland have bus stations and are supported by travel planners and four major rail operators, including Northern Rail, East Coast and CrossCountry. By bus, a typical journey from Newcastle to Ainwick lasts just over an hour, while Morpeth is only 30 minutes away.

Travelling through Northumberland by car is a truly fantastic pursuit. Aside from benefiting from excellent roads while driving on the A1, A69 or the A19, you can also enjoy a scenic view of the countryside. Two of the best places to keep track of are the Angel of the North at Gateshead and the area where the A1 crosses the beautiful River Tweed.

Beautiful Cottages for Your Stay

Newcastle and Ainwick have some of the best accommodations you can hope for when visiting Northumberland. You can also visit a place known as Eshott, which is almost halfway between Morpeth and Ainwick on the journey from Newcastle. These areas are some of the most frequently visited and home to some of the best cottages in Northumberland.

The cottages available here are quiet, peaceful and sturdy. The countryside feel is going to make you want to stay far longer than you’ve planned, and the views are quite superb! Moreover, offering easy access to local venues, hiking trails and campsites, they will also provide you with quick access to your favourite bars and restaurants, making your stay in Northumberland truly worthwhile.

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