10 Tips for a Travel Themed Bedroom to Keep Your Wanderlust Alive

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Decorating a themed bedroom can be a bit tricky since you still have to maintain a relaxing mood while incorporating other elements of decor. If you’re the type to enjoy travel and would like to have this theme in your bedroom, here are some ways to do that.

1. Pick a palette

Think of a destination you’ve always wanted to go and decide on a color scheme that reminds you of that place. If it’s Santorini, white and blue hues are the perfect shades to incorporate as it’ll remind you of their white villages with blue roofs. If it’s Bangkok, opt for orange and yellows which resemble their ornate temples.

2. Decorate with suitcases

It would be nice to always be traveling, living in a suitcase. But that would not be possible for most of us. But you can still bring that same feeling by using suitcases as decor. Even better if it’s vintage ones. These can act as storage, decor, and even furniture. Stack them on top of each other and you have yourself a bedroom bench. You can also store things here to avoid clutter, or you can just fill it with your trip souvenirs and photos.

3. Install travel wall-art

A wall-art is a very simple way to fill a bare wall. Find wall art that inspires you to travel whether it’s a map of the world, a landmark of your dream destination, or just a photo of palm trees. Whatever it is, you want it to blend with your other decor so there is some cohesion.

4. Wallpaper the world

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can even have a mural of the world map in your room. It’ll keep you curious of other places in the world and motivate you to travel more.

5. Furnish with ornate furniture

When shopping for furniture to add to your bedroom, opt for ones that are inspired from cultures that you love. There are plenty to take from whether it’s Morrocan, Spanish, Scandinavian, Japanese, or Indian. Try the flea market as you will find a lot of unique furniture for cheap here.

6. Create a photo collage

Take out those photos of your past travels and create a collage that will be displayed on your wall. Unlike wall art, this will be more personal to you and will keep you motivated to create memories like the ones in your photographs.

7. Make your mattress the comfiest

Comfy hotel mattresses are part of every trip we make. What better way to remind you of the perks of travel than with a luxury mattress in your own bedroom. When it’s time to replace your old one, buy a luxury mattress like a hotel would. Don’t just check for firmness, check for quality and material as well. It’s these little things that will make a big difference in your sleep quality.

8. Play with your pillowcases

Pillowcases as a great opportunity to express your personal style. For the travel theme, you can use pillowcases showcasing the world map or even the countries you’ve been in. Every time you change it, it’ll remind you of all the places in the world that you’ve traveled. 

9. Frame postcards

Postcards may sound like a thing of the past but their charm continues to live on. Make it a goal to collect a postcard in every place that you go to and frame your most recent ones in your bedroom. You can also make a collage out of these postcards. 

10. Display travel mementos

Aside from photographs and postcards, you probably have accumulated plenty of souvenirs from the different places you have travelled. Have these displayed throughout your room whether it’s that coffee mug you bought from London, that rug from Marrakech, a shell necklace from Hawaii.

Which of these tips have inspired your wanderlust even more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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