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I realise more and more that the older I get the less my body wants to cooperate as I travel. So keeping fit and eating healthy is more important than ever for me and it's a topic that comes up regularly in discussions with other travellers.

Traveling Takes its Toll on the Body

When traveling we want to take in as many sights, sounds and experiences as possible. Time is short and we try to cram as much as possible in. What with getting places, running around taking snaps, and meeting new friends, there is not always a lot of down time.  Keeping your body in top physical condition while traveling will allow you to enjoy a Jamaican Rastafarian adventure or climb Mount Everest.  No matter where you travel, if the body is functioning at a peak level of performance, you will be able to see and enjoy more of your trip.

Water is good for the Soul

Keeping your body hydrated is the first step to ensure you do not see a hospital while on your expedition.  No matter if you only walk for a little, and the trip does not require much physical effort, hot temperatures can quickly take their toll.  Without water, the body will slowly shut down.  Finding ways to carry water in your backpack, or strapped to you somehow, will mean you should never be thirsty. If you are thirsty you are already on your way to dehydration.

Fancy Shoes do not Make Great Hiking Gear

Trips do not have to be hiking related to cause pain in your lower body, especially your feet.  While on trips, you are often on the go; on your feet all time.  This can cause pain in your lower body, from hips to feet.  Wearing proper footwear will reduce this pain.  Gel insoles can be placed inside the shoe prior to a trip, to give the foot extra padding.  This will allow you to walk further, seeing more of the world with every step.  

Eyes Need Protection Too

Always having sunglasses to hand on your trip is a smart idea.  Depending on where you are going, the sun could be more oppressive than you are used to. High intensity UV Rays can cause damage to your eyes.  You could get a pair that is stylish, or choose to go for pure functionality. Fail to wear sunglasses and damage can be caused to your eyes, resulting in a headache, or symptoms that are even worse. 

You are What You Eat

Eating properly before and during your trip will help the body. If you are more active than normal you should expect to have to eat more, and eat healthier.  Many people eat out every night on vacations.  There is nothing wrong with that, but it is also a good idea to make smart choices from the menu in front of you.  Eating healthy while vacationing will ensure that your body will have the energy to enjoy the next step in your adventure. Too much alcohol could of course hinder your enjoyment of the days too; even if the nights are great.

Protection for Your Skin

You need to regularly put on lotion and sunscreen to keep the skin moist.  Sunscreen should be used on vacations whenever you spend any of the day outside during sunlight hours; even if the temperature does not seem that hot for the day, sunscreen should still be applied. UV rays are still beating down on your body and you can still get sunburn in cooler temperatures; you can even get burnt through the clouds.  

Know Your Surroundings

No matter if you are travelling in France for the first time or visiting your favourite vacation location for the fifth time, you need to know and to be aware of your surroundings.  It is often overwhelming when you enter another place that you are not familiar with.  Even the simplest directions may seem challenging.  Getting acquainted with you surroundings in the first few hours is crucial to creating a trip that you and whoever else you are with can enjoy.  If you are new to a place, stop in at the local visitor’s center and ask about a few of the venues.  Sometimes, the mainstream vacation spots have local favorites that tourists overlook.  Getting a map of your surroundings and locating yourself on that map will help massively if you can’t use your smartphone. If you can, grab map, guide and any other apps you can. Watch out for your data roaming fees though.

Final Thought

Before you take a vacation, you must be prepared.  This should include a checklist of items that you need to take along with you.  Once you have the essentials, like sunscreen, sunglasses, and proper clothing and footwear, you can enjoy your trip much more.  Talk to your phone provider before you go and see if you are going to be able to use the phone freely, and how much calls and internet will cost.

Once you arrive at your destination learn fast.  This will help you get to know the place from the moment you step out of your car, bus, train, airplane, or boat.  Eating and staying hydrated on the trip will help keep your body and mind at peak performance levels, allowing you to do more and see more.  

Ashlee heads out of the city and to the mountains for adventure at any chance she can get. Her experience in the outdoors provides plenty of helpful tips and guidance for other travellers.

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