The Best Places to Plan a Vacation and Stay in Devon

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If you’re looking to visit an area filled with majestic sights, exemplary venues and unique landscapes, the possibility that you might want to stay in Devon has probably already arisen. Devon is one of England’s most impressive destinations, and you’ll find places like Appledore, South Devon and the sandy beaches of North Devon will be more than worth the effort of making the trip.

Why Should You Visit Devon?

There are lots of reasons why a stay in Devon would be an inspired choice. One of the main benefits of visiting Devon is the possibility of getting to a wonderful seaside destination without leaving the shores of England. Devonshire is one of the southernmost counties on the British Isles, and its exposure to the sea is almost unrivalled, making it one of the top vacation destinations in the country.

Like most places that are close to the sea, Devonshire also has an impressive population. More than 1 million people reside here, and the visitors that arrive each year make it even more of a bustling place that everyone can enjoy.

 Venues and beaches are family-friendly and dog-friendly. We could present volumes about just how amazing it would be to visit Devon in the summer with one’s family, but we still wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Suffice it to say that the food, the play facilities, the pebble-rich beaches and the well-prepared go-karting and golf academies in the area will always have something to offer for every member of the family. 

Finally, the sheer expansive beauty of Devon is truly remarkable. With over 500 square miles of moors, beautiful cliffs located close to the beach and unique places like Ilfracombe and Brixham, on the English Riviera, Devon will have something to offer every year you consider returning here.

Finding Proper Accommodation in Devon

If you plan to stay in Devon longer and enjoy the area, there are lots of great places to consider both when it comes to finding suitable accommodation and staying close to the best vacation spots.

Devon is a great place whether you want to visit the area on your own, with your family or just with a group of friends. Typical hotel accommodations are available just as anywhere else, but what makes Devon so special is the hospitality of the people and the attention to detail that the staff and hosts at any inns, hotels or cottages might be known for.

In Devon, you can also find plenty of excellent last-minute cottages to choose from. Aside from the exquisite architecture and comfort that these buildings are known for, their placement close to the best venues, camping areas and vacation spots, their impressively arranged gardens and their remarkable amenities all work together to offer the best level of quality that one can imagine.

Whether you return to Devon because of the amazing cliff side vistas, or you’re just looking to enjoy the beach, the opportunity to stay in Devon at one of these beautiful cottages should be considered, even as an alternative to expensive hotels. The friendliness of the staff and the attention to detail offered will impress you each and every time.

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