How is VPN a Necessity for Digital Nomads and Travellers?

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In today's world, all of us dream of being digital nomads. However, a serious issue associated with being a digital nomad is secure access to data networks and online privacy.

Moving from one Wi-Fi network to another, while you are on the move and travelling, raises serious security issues. Therefore, in case you are a digital nomad, it is highly recommended to use a trustworthy VPN. Here are some of the advantages of using a trusted VPN:

1. Complete Online Privacy Combined With Data and Device Security

Whichever firm you are working for, the privacy and security of your data are of utmost importance. However, protecting your data will be very difficult if you use a shared network to send and receive sensitive information.

This is because such networks expose your devices and information to several cyber threats such as botnets, hackers and malware. As a digital nomad, your data is vulnerable from two directions.

It can get stolen, or some malicious code can piggyback it to your incoming traffic, leaving your devices wide open to hackers.

Using a VPN is a perfect solution to this problem. A VPN thoroughly encrypt all your data and masks your real location. This keeps your data and devices safe from different cyber threats.

2. Accessing Banking Services

If you use a foreign IP address for your bank transactions, while on the move, these transactions may get flagged. Sometimes banks and other bill-paying services may even block your account access in such cases.

You can easily overcome this issue using a VPN because then the bank website will be seeing only the IP address of the server you’re connected to. Moreover, your actual location will be hidden. Now, you can make transactions as long as the network has a server in your home country where you opened your bank account. 

3. Bypassing Geo-restrictions imposed by your favorite websites

Being a digital nomad can also restrict you from accessing your favorite streaming services, news channels, and websites even if you have subscribed to their services. VPN comes to your rescue in this situation also. It assigns you a new IP address which changes your apparent location and you are granted access to video content from the US, UK, France, Japan, or anywhere in the world almost instantaneously. 

However, do remember that some of the most popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer support geoblocks with VPN-screening software. You will need a highly rated VPN service to get past them. According to Fire stick tricks, only a handful VPNs such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN are able to unblock Netflix.

4. Protection from Government Surveillance and Censorship 

While on the move, you may come across websites that are blocked due to government censorship. Such a restriction can be due to various reasons, such as showing violent games, posting information to degrade the government, or for showing content that violates traditional values.

If you are caught while accessing such sites, you may have to pay hefty fines or even suffer imprisonment. It is easier to use a VPN to bypass these censorship laws than to keep track of them. 

Moreover, as a VPN encrypts all your information, it will help you to surpass government surveillance agencies. Make sure not to keep any record of your browsing, so that your online activity can never be traced.

5. Use of VoIP service and other easily Tracked Activities

Keep in mind that any activity that exposes your location or people you are communicating which poses serious risks for digital nomads. VoIP service is no exception. Many governments even spy on your conversations through VoIP.

Moreover, VoIP services are the favorite targets for hackers as they are aware of the fact that people tend to be less worried about security risks in casual communications. Therefore, they use VoIP services as an easy way to gain access to users’ devices and their confidential data.

Final Words

In the end, make sure to use a VPN with high-level security features. This is crucial if you’re a digital nomad who regularly makes use of messaging platforms like WhatsApp or other VoIP services.

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Thanks for the tips. I never knew that using a VPN was so important when you travel. I decided to look more into this topic, and I found a link, which talked about additional pros, such as being able to cut costs on hotels, flights, and car rentals ( ). I'll definitely start using it now. Any recommendations?

Leonardo12 Dec 10th, 2019

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