What are the best phones to travel with?

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We travel with smartphones and find them a necessity. It's nice to hear Alex thinks so too. 

Trying to get a phone that suits you perfectly at the moment is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many options and offers for mobile phones around that knowing where to start is the most confusing thing in the world. Phones4U is a good place to start as they offer a wide range of phones and a comparable choice of tariffs. They won't even burn a hole in your pocket like some plans. 


Smart phones are probably the best option at the moment. With hundreds of applications to download it (as much as we all hate to admit it) makes life so much easier sometimes! The best feature you’ll find with these phones, particularly for when you’re out and about travelling either for business or leisure is their built in GPS. Great for telling you where you are, providing you with a map of where you would like to get too, and useful to use whilst driving as a sat nav, it’s perfect. As well as all this, it can use your current location to tell you where your nearest Pizza Express (as an example) is and how to get there. If that wasn’t enough, the sat nav gives you directions aloud.

As well as having your phone handy for this, it is also great when it comes to taking pictures. The best phones for this (with the highest clarity cameras, focus and flashes) are the Nokia Lumia’s (Windows) and iPhones (apple). Letting you take them quickly and efficiently, they also let you keep them stored on your phone in a library. They double up as video cameras too. With 3G access, you can upload these snaps to your favourite social network sites just as easily - great for keeping in touch with family and friends.

Although these phones are great in general for travel, the worst feature on them (there aren’t many) is the charge. Fair enough, they last all day through your tweeting, calling, skyping, mapping and so on, but at the end of this day they will most likely need charging to last you until the morning. Although this can be annoying (especially if you forget your charger) the iPhone and Samsung phones will be right as rain after a quick 10 minute charge.

Skye and Face Time are another great resource that are available for use as well. They are great for business use or for keeping in touch with people, they are free to use, and you can have video interaction with the people you are calling. The fact that they are free is certainly the biggest plus, however you and the person you are calling both need to be in Internet range. 

Another option is to download an app like Viber or HeyTell on your phone. These allow you to communicate from your mobile device for free as well, but once again you have to be connected to the web. 

As you travel the world make sure you keep in touch with your loved ones via the Internet or with your phone, however you do it, don't forget to call your mum at least once a week. 

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